5.2.10. How to update firmware of Baremetal Server

This procedure describes update method using media connectivity functions.
Or, you can download the update package directly from the download site by using Internet connectivity function from Baremetal Server. Configuration

The tutorial is created under the following environment.
  • Official Image


  • Flavor

    General Purpose 3

  • Tool for update

    Service Pack for ProLiant(SPP) 【871795_001_spp-2017.04.0-SPP2017040.2017_0420.14.iso】 Downloading Driver/Maintenance Tool

  • Move to necessary websites provided by server vendor, which distribute driver/maintenance tools, by following the instructions indicated in the right-side of the ”Launch Server” or “Media Attach” window.

  • Download the latest ISO file from the tool list to your local computer.
    Select “871795_001_spp-2017.04.0-SPP2017040.2017_0420.14.iso” in this tutorial.
    ※Validated version is “871795_001_spp-2017.04.0-SPP2017040.2017_0420.14.iso”. (As of September 2017)

  • Upload the ISO file downloaded to the local computer in the previous section, to the Image Storage area.
  • After booting the Baremetal Server, attach the uploaded ISO file by using the Media Attach function.

  • Open the CD drive (D:), and execute “launch.hpsum.bat” under the administrator authority.

  • When the web browser boots and the screen Welcome to HP Smart Update Manager” appears, click [ Local Host Guide Update ].”

  • Place the check mark to [ mode to Automatic ], and click [ OK ].

  • Updates will be made automatically.

  • When the console connection is interrupted as the picture below shows, close the console screen once. The screen like the picture below is displayed because the status of iLO cannot be recorded on IPMI temporally. This is due to iOL’s rebooting that brought by iLO firmware update.

  • After the console connection is interrupted, the portal screen will appear. When the rebooting process is underway, the message Operating” will be displayed.”
    (Sometimes, just after the console connection is interrupted, the Power Status shows Crushed”. In this case, please wait for a while until the Status shows Operating” and the Power Status shows Running”.)”

  • Login to the Console, check [ Information ] → [ Overview ], and confirm that “iLO Firmware Version” is upgraded.

<Before Execution>


<After Execution>


  • Various versions can be also checked by [ Information ] → [ Firmware Version info ].

<Before Execution>


<After Execution>


  • Login to the Server again and repeat rebooting and “Localhost Guide Update” until “No components were installed or there was an error retrieving logs” is displayed as follows.

  • This work is completed when “Localhost Guide Update” is finished and you login to the Server to confirm that versions of Bios, etc. are upgraded.
    ※OS hardware information is included as a reference.

<Before Execution>


<After Execution>