Add a new Logical Network to connect to the physical NIC

You can specify only one Logical Network to connect to the physical NIC of the Baremetal Server, when creating a new Baremetal Server. However, once the new Baremetal Server created, you can add a destination Logical Network.


Click the Baremetal Server you have launched, please select the "Physical NIC Port" tab on the "Server Details" page.


You are required to move to "Physical NIC port" tab, you can see the list of physical NICs of the Baremetal Server you are utilizing. Click the "Add Ports to Baremetal Server" button on the port you would like to add the Logical Network into.
Execute "Add Ports to Baremetal Server" after inputting information of the port and the Logical Network.

Following are Items to be executable in this operation as described below:

Port Name

You need to name the port which you will add for your port management.

Descriptions of the Port

You need to describe how to utilize the port you have configured.

Port Tags

You need to fill in the port details ("port tags"), in order that you can search for and rearrange the ports at the port list screen.

Logical Network

You need to select a Logical Network to be added to a port.

Segment Types

You need to select a specific segment type from either "Flat" or "VLAN". If you select "Flat", Untag VLAN transmission will be set; If you select "VLAN", Tag VLAN transmission will be set, respectively.

Segment ID

If you select "VLAN", the segment ID itself will be defined as a VLAN ID. So you can also let the different ports, which have been defined as the same segment ID, belong to the same VLAN.


You are required to specify the available segment ID from among any numerals except for 0/1/2/4094.


If you connected the first Logical Network to the physical NIC then you are required o assign the IP Address to that NIC upon the Baremetal Server OS by manual.