7.1.5. Backup Report Function

For each tenant, you can view a list of backup success or failure for all the servers you are backing up. From the backup control panel, press the "Backup Reports" icon to display the backup history for the target period. Backup Reports

The user can specify the target date range at [ Date Range ]. The graphs of Job Result per Day show the results for the last 14 days in maximum.
You can specify servers to display by [Client Name].
You can specify the success or failure of a backup performed from "Job Status".


Click [ Apply ] to indicate the items to be displayed.


If pie charts (Job Result or Client Type) do not appear, reload the browser by pressing the Shift key.

image Job Detail

Details of the backup job history are available in table style.
The reporting items below are available for displaying. If the user want to select them by clicking the [ Select column ] link.
Under this reporting feature, the maximum number of available items at one time is 50. The user can view up to 2000 items.

Reporting items



Job ID

Identifier allocated by backup job on each server.


Client Name

name of the client to be backed up

Alphanumeric, - (hyphen), _ (underscore),. (period)

Client Type

OS type of the backup target server

Windows file system/Linux file system

System State

Identifier that indicates whether or not the backup target covers the necessary information for Windows system backup and restore, such as repository.



Type of the executed backup. If it has been automatically executed via API or control panels, "GUI" is shown.


Backup Type

The executed backup target files to be updated. At the first time or when any plan modification has been made, "Full" should be shown.


Job Status

Results of the executed backup:

Success / Failed to start / Failed / Killed
Failure Reason

When a backup execution failed, details of the error is shown.

Another backup is running for the client / Killed / Other

num of files

If the backup execution is successful, the number of the executed backup files are shown.


Size (GB)

If the backup execution is successful, the total size of the executed backup files are shown.

Unit: GB

Start (UTC)

Time when the backup starts.

UTC time

End (UTC)

Time when the backup ends.

UTC time


The time required from start to end for executing the backup.

hh (hour), mm (minute), ss (second)


[ Duration ] indicates the time required from Start (UTC) to End (UTC) for executing the backup at the user's side. On the other hand, [ Elapsed Time ] shown in the [ Backup Jobs ] screen of each server indicates the time required for processing at the backup server side. So, please make sure the latter one may be shorter than [ Duration ].



When you execute the backup without settings (menu and plan), the contents of the failed backup won't appear. Outputs of External Files

These files are available to output in CSV format.
Click the "download" link to download the file.
The download file contains the same items as those in the displayed reporting items, the user can select only necessary ones for outputs.