3. Creating and deleting users

We would like to provide the user management function upon the login portal, for the reselling partners, the existing partners, and end users.

3.1. A flow: How to Use a New User.

Log in to the login portal and select [ADMIN] → [Manage Users].


When you click “Add User” on the “Manage Users” page, the user addition screen will be displayed as shown in the figure below. Enter the required items and execute user addition.

The following screen will disply as shown below:
When you click “Issue Credentials”, a “User Registration Acceptance Email” will be sent to the email address you entered. You can log in to the login portal by accessing the URL described in the email.

3.2. Two Factor Authentication

Partner and Enduser can also select Two Factor Authentication (TFA) when logging in to the portal.
Two Factor Authentication(TFA) is an optional secondary authentication step in addition to the standard user Login and Password authentication. It uses a token, i.e. a mobile phone running an RFC 6238 Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm (TOTP), as a key.
(ECL1.0 user can also use this procedure to enable TFA. )
Suitable smartphone client app for TFA include the following:
Google Authenticator (iPhone, Android)

Enable TFA

Log in as an administrative user and select [ADMIN]-> [Manage Users] from the pull-down menu as shown below.


You need to click on user name you wish to enable TFA on the screen first. Then, click on [Enable TFA] button located on bottom of User Detail screen in order to enable TFA to the user.

Enable TFA

Login to Portal by TFA

The first time when user enabled TFA to login portal, below page will be appeared after input Login ID and Password.

When you scan displayed QR code by your mobile phone application, the verification code with 6 digits will be generated. This code continue to be generated every 30 seconds, you need to input the latest code and click on “submit”.

QR code will not be displayed from next login. However, you are required to input the verification code displayed on your mobile phone application every time after you input Login ID and Password.

Reset TFA key

You need to display User detail screen by the same procedure described above “Enable TFA” in order to reset TFA. Then click on [Reset TFA] on that page.
The user whose TFA key has been reset need to execute the same operation mentioned on “Login to Portal by TFA” above when its next login.
reset TFA_key

3.3. User deletion procedure

Log in to the login portal and select [ADMIN] → [Manage Users].


Click the user name of the user to be deleted on the displayed user management page.

The user details screen is displayed.
Click “Delete” at the bottom of the screen to display the confirmation screen.
Click “Delete” on the confirmation screen to delete the user. Return to the user management page of the original screen, and if the corresponding user is no longer displayed, the deletion is complete.