1. SAP HANA Set Service Order Guide

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. Objective of this document

The objective of this document is to introduce the procedures from Service Order to Use Enterprise Cloud2.0 for SAP HANA.

1.1.2. Notes for using this document

Please note the followings to use this document.
  • This document introduces the procedures of actual cases implemented by Service Provider as examples.

Please note that there would be some differences between the procedures on this document and actual implementation done by customers due to differences of environment.

  • On this document, the particular implementation for the configuration which is described on this document will be mainly introduced. For manuals of Enterprise Cloud2.0 general functions such as adding internet gateway or Firewall setting, please refer to Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Tutorial as well.
  • Please understand that what is described on this document may be changed without notice.

1.1.3. Things & Items Necessary in Advance

Please prepare the following items in order to implement as the procedures on this document.

  • Necessary items to use Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Portal.

1.1.4. Configuration image of SAP HANA Platform

The following image is the configuration which will be implemented on this document.

SAP HANAの構成イメージ

1.2. Necessary Implementation to be prepared by customers in advance

Create Logical Network which Baremetal Server and File Storage connect

1.2.1. Create Logical Network

Please create Logical Network to connect Baremetal Server and File Storage. 2 segments of Logical Network are necessary for Data Plane and Storage.
The procedure to create a Logical Network is available on the following website.

1.3. SAP HANA Set Service Order

1.3.1. SAP HANA Design and Sizing

First of all, please proceed to Design and Sizing which is necessary for SAP HANA Set Service Order.
Please refer to the following site “Enterprise Systems With SAP HANA”.

1.3.2. Fill in Order Sheet

Second, please fill in Order Sheet. Please inquire our sales representative or download from the following site.
Please submit Service Order Form to our sales representative.
The parameters which you assign when to order.
  • Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Application Information
Please fill Application Information, Common Customer ID, Company Name, and customer’s request.
Delivery date is after 5 business days after Service Provider verify that Order Sheet has been filled properly.
For Requested Service Start Date, please fill date after more than 5 business days from Application Date.
SAP HANA 申込書(Enterprise Cloud 2.0 お申込み情報)
  • Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Menu list
Please select “Add” or ”Delete” on Menu list.
SAP HANA 申込書(Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Menu List)
  • Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Business Portal / Tenant Access Information
Service Provider designate Customer’s Tenant Information which customer use for configuration of SAP HANA and Business Portal ID which is used for maintenance done by Service Provider.
Please assign “View” &”Edit” permission to Business Portal ID to implement on Enterprise Cloud2.0.
SAP HANA 申込書(Enterprise Cloud 2.0 ビジネスポータル/テナント アクセス情報)
Please designate with pairs of alphabet and number.
(Reference) “A3 A2 B4 B3 F3 E2 L2 A4”
SAP HANA 申込書(Enterprise Cloud 2.0 パスワードの指定方法)
  • Baremetal Server Setting Information
Please designate Flavor of Baremetal Server, Image Name, Logical Network Information and Remote Console Password.
Please fill more than 1 Logical Network Segment for each data and storage.

vlan is recommended for segment designation.

SAP HANA 申込書(ベアメタルサーバー 設定情報)
  • File Storage Setting Information
Please designate Virtual Storage Name of File Storage, IP address, Volume Name and Volume Size.
1 Logical Network is feasible to designate to Virtual Storage.
When you use multiple SAP HANA Sets for 1 Tenant, the followings are feasible:
  1. Creating additional Virtual Storage with preparing another Virtual Storage Segment.
  2. Adding volume to 1 Virtual Storage.
SAP HANA 申込書(ファイルストレージ 設定情報)
  • OS Setting Information
For setting OS to install onto Baremetal Servers, please designate Host Name, Password, Disk Partition of Internal Disk and Network Setting Information.
Since Internal Disk size is approximately 550GB, please save more than 10GB to “/”.
SAP HANA 申込書(OS 設定情報)
  • SAP HANA Basic Information
Please designate Version Database Basic Setting.
Tenant Database will be not created on Multiple Container.

1.4. Items compose SAP HANA Set

  • Create Internet Gateway (The case you need to create newly)
  • Create Baremetal Server
  • Create File Storage
  • OS Install Setting
  • Mount File Storage
  • HANA Installation
  • TDI Configuration check

1.4.1. OS for SAP HANA Platform, Directory Configuration

Please refer to the service description for SAP HANA menu, “Create SAP HANA Infrastructure.
After Service Provider provide SAP HANA Platform, Setting for OS and SAP HANA are to be done by customers.

1.5. Necessary Implementation to be done by customers after Service Provider provides this service.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux License Activation
  • SAP HANA License Application

1.5.1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux License Activation

Please confirm the procedure of License Activation from the URL written on Service Start Letter. With following this procedure, please connect RHUI and please proceed OS License Activation.


1.5.2. SAP HANA License Activation

Temporary License will be provided when you start using the service.
You need to activate Permanent License before it gets invalid.
For the procedure to SAP HANA License Activation, please refer to the document on SAP’s website.
2.4 Managing SAP HANA Licenses.

1.6. (Reference) Special Notice for The Customers Prior to the Use of This Menu

Please refer to Service Description for SAP HANA Menu ”Special Notice for The Customers Prior to the Use of This Menu”.