3.8. Uninstallation

3.8.1. Uninstalling Arcserve

This configuration guide provides an example of the Arcserve uninstalling procedures: an OS uninstall the Arcserve installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. (Please make sure that this is one of examples, and actual procedures may differ depending on each customer’s environment and version.)
Log in to Linux server. Hereafter installation will execute via command, so you need to open Terminal. All of the commands below are executed on Linux server. You can execute command via telnet or ssh.
Once open the terminal, please switch to root user.

Move to directory where Arcserve uninstall file stored.

Make sure uninstall file of Arcserve exists.

Run Arcserve uninstall file.

Input [y] then pless return key.

Uninstall process will start and finish.

Make sure directory related to Arcserve has been removed.
※NOTE:[/opt/Arcserve/d2dserver] and [/opt/Arcserve/d2dserver/usr] will not be deleted.
That’s all for uninstall of Arcserve.