1.7. Uninstallation

1.7.1. Uninstalling Arcserve

This configuration guide provides an example of the Arcserve uninstalling procedures: an OS uninstall the Arcserve installed on Windows Server 2012 R2. (Please make sure that this is one of examples, and actual procedures may differ depending on each customer’s environment and version.)
Login to the device which the Arcserve has been installed.
Open the Control Panel. Then, click the Programs.
At the Programs and Features screen, select “Arcserve Unified Data Protection” and right-click to select “Uninstall”. Then, click.
When the screen below appears, check the delete target component and click [ Next ].
Click [ Next ].
Confirm the delete target component, and click [ Remove ].
Then the screen below tells the component has been removed.
Click [ Finish ].
Select “Windows Assessment & Deployment Kit for Windows8.1” and right-click.
Click [ Uninstall ].
Click [ Yes ].
The screen tells the uninstallation has been completed.
Confirm that the Arcserve has been deleted from the list.
Arcserve uninstallation has been completed.