3.5. Restore Media Creation

3.5.1. Creating Restore Media

This configuration guide describes an example of restore media creation procedures that performs on the Arcserve installed on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux server.

In Arcserve(Linux), Restore Media is created at installation. Following sentense displayed at installation contains the location of Restore Media. You can get Restore Media by accessing to the location.

Make sure UDP_Agent_Linux-LiveCD.iso exists under /opt/Arcserve/d2dserver/packages directory.

Copy Restore Media to your device that can access to ECL2.0 since this example shows that restore backup data on ECL2.0 virtual server.
In this case, copy the media to /file directory to access from ECL2.0.

Make sure copying media is completed.

This restore media will be used in Restore to Virtual Server

That’s all of Creating Restore Media.