2.3. License Key Registration

2.3.1. Registering License Key

On the server which the Arcserve has been installed, perform the operations describes in this configuration guide.
After installing the Arcserve, login with a user account with the administrative role. Right-click the Arcserve icon shown in the task tray bar. Then, open the “Advanced” menu and select “Licensing”.
The License Verification Entry screen will appear.
Enter your 25-digit license key into the License Key space.
(Your 25-digit license key is indicated in Service_Starting_Notification which you received after your Arcserve subscription order was made.)
*Note: You can enter the digits by cut and paste as well.
After all digits are entered, click [ Add ].
Confirm the component name (product name) and number of licenses that you registered. Then, click [ OK ] and close the screen.
Now, license key registration has been completed.