9.7. Veeam

9.7.1. Overvie Service Menu Overview

  • This menu provide Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) on a monthly basis.

  • This menu provides the customer with the functions of VBR software that we obtained the usage right based on the Veeam ProService Agreement signed by the Company and Veeam Software Inc. and the EULA (End User License Agreement) of VBR.

  • For the support line of VBR, customers should contact Veeam Software directly. Features

  • VBR is a software that offers the following functions for VMware vSphere virtual machine (VM) .

  • By using this software, backup and replication execution can be integrated.

  • In order to build this VBR infrastructure by customers, we can fully utilize customer’s individual backup & replication infrastructure. Use Case

  • Save backups to remote locations for robust data protection

  • System continuation in remote areas for business continuity

  • Migration to ECL2.0

9.7.2. Functions Backup Software

  • Various functions of VBR can be used as backup software.

  • The function outline is as follows. Refer to the product manual provided by Veeam for dependence on the configuration / environment.Please refer to the configuration guide for the acquisition method and configuration example of the product manual.

  1. Central management of VM snapshot acquisition

  2. Backup of virtual disk file (VM body) and VM snapshot

  3. Duplicate from the data store to the outside (backup)

  4. Replication and activation of remote backup


The server configuration required for VBR varies depending on the VM number, host number, concurrent job number, etc. of your environment. For this reason, the VBR server configuration requires appropriate customization. Software Support

  • Product support for VBR is provided directly by Veeam.

9.7.3. Menu Menu list





Billing Unit

Monthly limit


Veeam Backup & Replication for vSphere V8 Standard (VM) 10VM

Monthly (fixed)

    V9 Standard (VM) 10VM

Monthly (fixed)

    V9.5 Standard (VM) 10VM

Monthly (fixed)

- Required number of licenses

  • Please select the menu according to the quantity of servers to be backup.

  • No license is required for the restore destination server.However, if you need a backup even at the restore destination, please make an additional order. Charging unit (VM)

  • If the server to be backup is a physical server that is not exclusively owned by the customer, please apply for the number of required VMs for the billing unit VM menu.

  • The ECL 2.0 external environment when using it for ECL 2.0 and DR with ECL 2.0 is the same.

9.7.4. Service Order Subscription Methods

  • For new, change (increase / decrease), Cancellation, please fill in the necessary items such as the number of licenses required for the application form and apply from the customer portal.


Please design the appropriate VBR server configuration from various parameters such as the number of VMs in the customer environment, the number of hosts, the number of concurrently executed jobs in advance. Presentation of the sizing result is necessary in the application form. Maximum number of subscription

  • Maximum number of subscription Applicable regional region

  • Customer can subscribe in following regions.

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Region where licenses are available

  • ECL 2.0 can be used in the region below


  • If you migrate to ECL 2.0 or always connect with ECL 2.0 in countries / regions other than ECL 2.0 regions, you can use the license within the range that meets the following conditions.

  1. License can not be used at export prohibited destinations stipulated by the export laws of the United States of America.

  2. Please comply with the legal system of the countries and regions concerned with the transition at your own risk

  3. License shall be used within the following region.
    AT (Austria), BE (Belgium), BR (Brazil), KH (Cambodia), CN (China), FR (France),IN (India), ID (Indonesia), KR (Korea), LA (Laos), MY (Malaysia), MM (Myanmar), NL (Netherlands), PH (Philippines), RU (Russia), ES (Spain), CH (Switzerland), TW (Taiwan), TH (Thailand), AE (UAE), VN (Vietnam) Software Support Region and Languages

The languages that Veeam Software can receive support are as follows.

  • Japanese

  • English License key and support ID

  • When new applications and number of VMs increase or decrease, a new license key and Support ID required for support will be distributed.

9.7.5. Pricing Initial Fee

  • No initial cost is required to use this service. Monthly Fees

  • Fixed monthly fee is required to use this service, independent from used minutes in the usage month.

9.7.6. Operations Support Coverage

  • Veeam will provide directly for the VBR you submitted.

  • If you suspect a malfunction of VBR, please contact Veeam’s support desk. Verified Environments

  • We have confirmed the normal operation of VBR (v8) on ECL 2.0 regarding the environment described in the configuration guide. SLA

  • This menu does not cover SLA.

9.7.7. Terms And Conditions Conditions for This Service in Combining with Other Services

  • Customer can use ECL2.0 storage environment as customer selected to store backup. Minimum Usage Period

  • No minimum use period is required to use this service. Important Notice Prior to Use

  1. To use VBR, it is necessary to design appropriate server configuration of VBR from various parameters such as the number of VMs, the number of hosts, the number of concurrent jobs and so on. Please use it after designing an appropriate server. Acceptance for subscription of this menu requires a result of the sizing.

  2. It can not be combined with licenses customer acquired separately.

  3. Customers can not perform operations such as updating licenses provided in this menu on Veeam Software’s license portal site.

  4. This menu does not guarantee the success of system and data backup, restoration and replication. Please carry out backup, restoration and replication at your own risk. We will not assume any responsibility even if trouble occurs in the server of the restore destination.

  5. Backup and other features may not able to be completed due to service failure or maintenance. Please check yourself about the completion status of backup etc.

  6. If data update occurs during backup acquisition, consistency of backup data may be lost. Customer shall secure consistency before backup is executed.

  7. For each types of hypervisor, the required number of licenses corresponding to the number of VMs to be backed up or the number of CPU sockets is required.

  8. This menu prohibits modification of logo, copyright notation etc, reverse engineering, unauthorized installation, distribution, copying etc. related to software.

  9. The VBR license key to be notified in this menu can be installed only once on the OS. You can not use a used license for another server.

  10. In case of subscription or cancellation in the middle of the month, Service Provider bills a monthly fee.

  11. Inquiries to Veeam Software Inc. require a Support ID. Customers will be informed Support ID and license key after subscription. Notification of Support ID and license key will take 10 business days.

  12. In order to request for Veeam Software’s support, you need to register customer information etc. on Veeam Software’s website. We are not involved in managing such customer information.

  13. Support contents of Veeam Software may vary from region to region.

  14. This menu can not be used for systems not directly related to the system running on ECL 2.0.

  15. The license switch of OS is required for migration to ECL2.0. Customer should comply with the terms and conditions of ECL2.0 OS menu, including migration from ECL2.0 to the external environment.

  16. If Veeam EULA confirms an act equivalent to a license violation, service provision may be forcibly stopped.

  17. The validity period of the software version provided in this menu conforms to Veeam Software’s EOL / EOS policy (https://www.veeam.com/releasestatus_rn.pdf).

  18. Customer should download VBR installer from Veeam Software’s website.

  19. Compute resources for running applications and storage of backup destinations are not included in this menu.

  20. When delegating backup operation using this menu to a third party, it is necessary to report the third information to us in advance.

  21. This menu can not be used for managing third party data.