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Baremetal servers are provided in two ways: a standard plan that can be used immediately: on-demand type (inventory type), and a custom plan that is provided after the customer applies for a baremetal server: a made-to-order type. Please note that the delivery method varies depending on the region. For details, please refer to the chapter Prices / Locations.

Standard plan: On-demand type (stock type)

In the standard plan, you can select the flavor that suits your requirements from the portal and provide a physical server that can be used immediately.

Custom plan: Made to order

In the custom plan, we will select the server specifications that meet the customers requirements, and after applying, we will provide the baremetal server to the customers tenant after a lead time.
Baremetal Server is a menu that provides the following functions via the customer portal / API for both of the above two plans.

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1. Outsourcing of business related to physical servers

  • From physical server procurement, you can outsource design, build, monitor, and fault / fault response.

  • If you have any questions about the baremetal server, such as malfunctions and repairs, please use the ticket.

2. Providing a dedicated environment for physics

  • Depending on application / security requirements, you can use a server (physical server) that is not a virtual environment.

  • You can use virtualization software such as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V to build a private cloud equivalent to on-premises.

3. License cost cut

  • When using an application in the form of a license for each physical server, you can use the corresponding license at a lower cost than in a virtual environment.

  • It is possible to use the license that the customer already owns.

4. Provider licensed OS installation

  • You can use the server with the official image template of the provider license installed on demand without purchasing the OS license by the customer.

5. Remote console access

  • You can access the created baremetal server console (iLO / iRMC) from the customer base.

6. Baremetal server provisioning on demand (standard plan only)

  • It is possible to create multiple baremetal servers on demand on customer tenants of this service.

  • It is possible to reduce the operation cost in the capacity management of the server.

  • You can reduce surplus server equipment to handle the unpredictable high load of computing resources.

7. Select a customized physical server (custom plan only)

  • It is possible to purchase a physical server with specifications (CPU / memory / disk) that suits the customer application.