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This Menu provides customers the following Baremetal Server functions on an on-demand basis via Customer Portal or API.

On-Demand provisioning of Baremetal Server
It is possible to create multiple bare metal servers on demand on customer tenants of this service.
2.Install provider license OS
You can use on demand the server on which the official image template of the provider license is installed.
Remote Console Access
You can access the console (IPMI · iRMC) of the bare metal server you created from your customer base.
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Baremeteal Service Image


This service corresponds to the following Customers’ needs:

1.Customers who would like to cut down their operational costs and optimize their server capacity management by reducing server procurement and provisioning lead time.
2.Customers who would like to optimize their surplus server stock by procuring servers on-demand to meet unpredictable high loads on their computing resource.

<Non-Virtualized Environment>
1.Customers who would like to utilize full compute resource of non-virtual servers for certain application / security requirements.
2.Customers who would like to deploy a private cloud platform, which is similar to their on-premises environment, with flexible choice of virtualization software such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V etc.
3.Customers who would like to reduce the overhead cost associated with virtualization, but at the same time would not like to compromise the on-demand offerings of cloud service.