Common Items


Support Coverage

Support provided with Oracle menu will correspond to the standard product support accordingly as Oracle products provisioned by Oracle itself. This menu’s support coverage is as follows:

Included to Support Coverage:

  • Response to inquiries related to Oracle software use and such methodologies.

  • Response to inquiries related to the fail-over report which requires advisement, and further provisioning of correction patches that accommodate the overall Oracle products to be repaired / corrected.


  • Customers are advised that this will not guarantee the Oracle software to dissolve the purported failure.

  • Customers are also notified hereby that Oracle product repairs should take place within the term of Premier Support / Extended Support period. Furthermore, it is also often strongly recommended that application of such repairs (or modification) process should go through most recently available update.

  • Customers are hereby advised further that Oracle software alteration is not always guaranteed to be provisioned although it is often recommended

  • Oracle software documentation, knowledge searching and viewing are also covered.


  • Searching and viewing of Oracle software patches (existing patches) are also covered.


NOT Included to Support Coverage:

  • Reports of fail-over incidents where Customers faced troubles by directly logging into their own systems / Works of such fail-over incidents where Customers sought for dissolution of such troubles.

  • Customer system design and construction work.

  • Development of such which includes Customers’ applications and scripts.


  • This support does not applied to the purpose of the extending function other than the modification of the program which is pre-installed in the Oracle product.

  • Applications of or related to other than Oracle products.

  • Demands of such that over-exceeds the terms of ECL2.0 servicing programs or request of servicing over-exceeding the timetable of accommodating support.


  • Servicing will be thoroughly at its best-effort. Although Service Provider would respond to the requests from Customers as far as possible, it is quite possible for the ECL2.0 service to delay the response due to overcrowded inquiries, delayed response from Oracle Tech Support, and other extra-tenuous causes.

  • New patch release announcement.

  • Providing patch release information , patch fix information and patch files from Service Provider.


  • The patch is download from My Oracle Support (MOS) .

  • Except for the individual patches requested to be created by Oracle.

  • Creation and presentation of work procedures dependent on the customer system.

  • Consultation services such as identification of issues specific to customer systems, analysis, proposal of countermeasures, and countermeasures.

Venues of Support

Accordingly upon what support and content of such Customers are in need of, there are two support paths as follows:

When it is required to contact for inquiries with Oracle software

Customers are requested to inquire from ticketing system.

When it is necessary for Customers to contact regarding to Oracle software knowledge and / or obtaining Oracle Product Patches

Please use My Oracle Support (MOS) . For application, please refer to the Use of My Oracle Support (MOS) .

Use of My Oracle Support (MOS)

Following is how Customers can utilize the online support of My Oracle Support (MOS) .
In order to utilize My Oracle Support (MOS) , customers need to apply for Support ID. After filling up the application My Oracle Support - Support Identifier Application Form , please implementation in the ticket system.


Qualities of Operations

The operating quality of the Oracle menu conforms to the operating quality defined in the ECL 2.0 service as standard. For details, see the Support page of the service manual .


The Oracle menu SLA conforms to the SLA defined in the ECL 2.0 service as standard. For details, please refer to the SLA page of the service manual .


Oracle License

The license provided under the ECL 2.0 Oracle menu is limited to use with ECL 2.0 or equipment approved by us. In addition, license ownership will not be transferred to third parties other than Service Provider.

Oracle Product Support

Support for Oracle products (OS, database) is based on Oracle Corporation’s support. The support content may be changed when support of Oracle Corporation is changed.

Performance Guarantee

Oracle menu does not guarantee the performance. The Oracle menu is a licensing service, and depending on capacity, sufficient performance may not be obtained.

Fail-over Repairs

In the event of a server failure, Service Provider is not responsible for recovering the server, all installed software and data.


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