Feature: Measured Spend

Where a service provider provides an API to collect spend information that data is collected, matched against known resources and logged.
Unfortunately where a provider does not export spend data via API this feature does not work.

Feature: Multiple Currencies (roadmap)

Multiple currency is supported. Customers can choose currency - and pick exchange rates (defaults are provided by the system).

Feature: Cost Allocation

When costs are discovered against resources, the costs are allocated to that resource. Any costs that aren’t against a specific resource are logged against the “provider account” in general.
This enables costs to be visible against entities the customer knows about - departments and applications.

Feature: Reporting

Spend can be viewed against the following items:

  • Provider Account

  • Department

  • Application

Spend data is visualised in the following two ways:




Shows a breakdown of spend by day

Last 12 Months

Shows a breakdown by month, including the current month

Ability is available to view detailed spend data, based on account, department or application