9.4.1. HULFT Overview of menu (common)

About this menu


  • Service Provider offers HULFT license which can be installed on ECL 2.0 server, dedicated hypervisor virtual machine on monthly model.

About HULFT license

  • Middleware that transfers files between multiple different platforms such as mainframe, UNIX machine, and each Windows machine in a network environment such as LAN / WAN connection and Internet connection (VPN connection).

Menu Features

  • HULFT license, that realize file transfer between different OS, provides reliable file transfer between different operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

  • Rapid start of use After applying at the customer portal, you can acquire the license in about 30 minutes in a minimum and use it immediately. Overview by License and Function



  • File transfer middleware that transmits and receives data accumulated in the IT system. It is a license that you can use when you want to perform file transfer on a one-to-one basis.

List of Functions

HULFT 8 Script Option


  • This is an option menu of HULFT 8.

  • It provides a function that makes it easy to create the necessary processing before and after file transfer by GUI.

List of Functions

HULFT 8 Cipher Option


  • This is an option menu of HULFT 8.

  • As the encryption method for file transfer, AES encryption method authorized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) can be used.

List of Functions


The CipherOption that can be selected in this menu is AES.

HULFT 8 Manager


  • It is possible to manage collection and distribution work using the system on which HULFT 8 is installed.



  • It is a private cloud type data linkage middleware. Uploading / downloading large files can be safely and conveniently realized if there is only internet connection environment.

List of Functions Menu

Provision License

License list

  • The license provided by HULFT is as follows.


Product Name

AES option

Script option


HULFT 8 HULFT8 for Linux-Enterprise Y N  
  HULFT8 for Linux-Enterprise CL License Y N  
  HULFT8 for Linux-Enterprise CL Add License Y N

A contract for HULFT 8 for Linux-Enterprise, or HULFT 8 for Linux-Enterprise CL License is necessary.

  HULFT8 for Windows-Server Y Y  
  HULFT8 for Windows-Server CL License Y Y  
  HULFT8 for Windows-Server Add License Y Y

A contract for HULFT 8 for Windows - Server, or HULFT 8 for Windows - Server CL License is necessary.

  HULFT8 Manager N N  
  HULFT-WebFT CL License N N  
  HULFT-WebFT CL Add License N N

A contract for HULFT - WebFT, or HULFT - WebFT CL License is necessary.


HULFT-WebFT connection license (20 license pack)

N N  

HULFT-WebFT connection license (50 license pack)

N N  

HULFT-WebFT connection license (100 license pack)

N N  

HULFT-WebFT connection license (500 license pack)

N N  

HULFT-WebFT connection license (1000 license pack)

N N  

Subscription Methods

New / additional application

  • Please apply for the specified license from the customer portal.

Abolition application

  • Please apply for the license you want to discontinue from the customer portal

  • The acceptance period of the application is as follows.

    • Application: 1 to 25 May 23:59 (JST) of the following month

Subscriptions Methods

  1. After receiving your application, you will receive an opening guide e-mail within about 30 minutes to the e-mail address you registered at the time of application.

  2. Please access “my hulft” written in the mail body and carry out the prescribed procedure.
  3. After completing the procedure, download the software from my hulft and install it on the server you wish to install.


Please check the authentication ID and SP code required for the procedure from the customer portal.
For details of the installation procedure, please check with “my hulft”. Terms And Conditions

Conditions for This Service in Combining with Other Services

  • Please install it on each server of ECL 2.0 and virtual machine of dedicated hypervisor.

About operation environment

About required number of licenses

  • For each virtual / physical server, one license is required for one installation target OS.

  • When using in a cluster environment, it is necessary to purchase a license for each OS.

  • In redundant configuration, if you use this menu on the server on the standby side, please apply for “CL Add” license.

Minimum Usage Period

  • This menu can not accept abolition application at the application month. Pricing

Initial Fee

  • This menu does not require initial fee.

Monthly Fee

  • Prices are fixed monthly for each item.

  • Billing start month: The application month is free, and billing starts from the next month.


Abolition will not be accepted in the application month. Qualities of Service

Support Coverage

Supported license

  • The license provided in this menu is subject to support.

Support contents

  • In this menu, the following services are included. Specific service contents are provided by Saison Information Systems Co. Ltd.

    • Use of HULFT Technical Support Center

    • Free of charge of revised version (except major update)

    • Use of a website dedicated to technical support

Support Method

  • Service Provider will inform you of the support desk of Saison Information Systems by opening a guide e-mail.

  • Detailed reception hours of support are as follows. 【Customers with contract in Japan】

    • Service Provider will accept contact in Japanese by telephone, fax, e-mail.

    • Service Provider will respond to inquiries caused by product failures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Other inquiries will only be from Monday to Friday from 9: 30 to 17: 00 (except JST, public holidays and December 30 to January 3).

    【Customers with contract outside of Japan】

    • Service Provider will accept contact in English by e-mail.

    • Possible reply time is only between 9: 30 ~ 17: 00 (JST, Japan’s holiday and December 30 ~ January 3) from Monday to Friday.


    • Depending on the OS version, support etc. may be paid. For details, please contact the Saison Information Systems Support Center.

    • Manual download, use of HULFT-FAQ, and browsing of technical information can be done.

Qualities of Operations

  • The operation quality of this menu conforms to the operation quality stipulated standard by this service. For details, please refer to the following page.

    Service Manual 1.0 Version Support <https://ecl.ntt.com/documents/service-descriptions/support> _


  • There is no SLA of this menu. Region

  • The provision regions of this menu are as follows.



HULFT-WebFT JP1,JP2,JP4,JP5 Restrictions

  • Please use the HULFT license in the region you applied.

  • Customers subscribing to Enterprise Cloud in China (including Hong Kong), France, Russia can not purchase HULFT licenses.

  • When using this license, you agree to the following documents. Please note. Http://www.hulft.com/buy/new/license_agreement.html

  • Copying of licenses provided in this menu for purposes other than backup of servers installed is forbidden. Please be careful.