10.7. ECL Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud Platform

10.7.1. Overview

The overview of Hybrid Cloud with GCP is as follow.
  • Service Provider takes care of the procedure to start using Google Cloud Platform[GCP] on behalf of customers.
  • Customers may have the owner privilege of the GCP project created by Service Provider.
  • Service Provider merge the usage fee of GCP to the usage of Enterprise Cloud and issue the integrated bill as Enterprise Cloud.
  • Customers may enjoy the benefit of Enterprise Cloud and GCP under 1 single contract.


This service subscription is limited to the contract between customers and NTT Communications.

10.7.2. Features

Items Details Benefits
GCP project
GCP project is issued by Service Provider and Customers may have owner privilege to the project. In the project, customers may create any of resources, such as virtual instances, networks, containers and so on.
The usage fee for GCP project is merged to the other usage for ECL 2.0 as total monthly usage.
Customers may reduce the workload for administration for hybrid cloud by consolidating two workload into one.
The subscription of “Advanced Support Plan” enable customers to query about the function.
With “Basic Support Plan”, customers may enjoy basic support, such as
Customers may consolidate the support desk into single point of contact.

10.7.3. Descriptions of Menu User Interface



Service Provider doesn’t provide any GCP controller, and hence, please access Google Cloud Console or other interface provided.

The role of each interface

Name Role
Business Portal This portal administrates multiple Enterprise Cloud contracts and enables users to access ECL2.0 Portal or Ticket System with Single-Sign-On
ECL2.0 Portal This portal provides management console of Enterprise Cloud 2.0.
Ticket System Customers may issue the request with ticketing system.
Google Cloud Console
This console proved all og management interface for any GCP concerned resources.
The web site, CLOUD CONSOLE may help you with understanding more in detail. Application

This service is based on the agreement of GCP’s Terms and Conditions. Hence, Service Provider consider that customers also agree to this before the contract.
Any of GCP project is bided with 1 ECL tenant.
Multiple projects can be bundled to single tenant so that customers can administrate them under single ECL tenant.

How to apply this service

Account Manager of Service Provider helps customers with filling an application form.
GCP projects are created with the parameter given in this application form.

Required parameter for application

Parameter Descriptions
ECL Tenant ID
Any of GCP project is expected to be tied with thie ECL Tenant.
Service Provider administrate GCP project under the tenant specified in this parameter.
GCP owner account By default, this account will have an owner privilege.


Contact Email Address
The email address tied with this “GCP owner account” is used for the communication in the process of service provisioning.
Please be sure that the email address accepts emails from these addresses.
- ***@ntt.com
- ***@google.com

How to get an initial access to GCP project

An invitation email is sent to the address specified in “GCP owner account”.
If the user accept the invitaion, they can start using GCP.

Application Type

Type Description How
When customers initially create GCP project bundled with 1 ECL tenant, this sign-up is required.
Even if customers have existing GCP projects, they need to go through this sign-up process as far as the ECL project has no project.
Application form is required.
Add projects Customers may add GCP project to the ECL tenant where they have already signed up. Application form is required.
Terminate projects Customers may terminate the existing GCP projects by this type of application. Application form is required.


All of the subscribed GCP projects need to be terminated before the tenant termination or contract termination. The charge of this service

The display of monthly usage

The monthly usage is displayed in the month after next as usage fee in the next month.


The possible change in the future
Service Provider may change this service charging policy in the future. Before any of change in this policy, customers is expected to receive the notification from Service Provider.

The charge of this service

The usage fee for GCP project is merged to the other usage for ECL 2.0 as total monthly usage.
Customer may receive the bill with the standard ECL 2.0’s manner. Account

At least 1 Google account is required to access to GCP resources.
GSuite is the business suite of Google Account.
If customers need GSuite, customers can purchase it from Service Provider.
Please visit NTT Communications’s web site and request the material for the service application.

10.7.5. Conditions Contract

Enterprise Cloud contact is required to subscribe this service. Available regions

All of ECL regions are available but, customer need to contract with NTT Communications(JP). Usage Conditions with Other Service Menus

No conditions Minimum usage period

This service does not force any of minimum use period.

10.7.6. Pricing Initial Fee

No initial fee is required. The charge starts only when customers create first item. Monthly Fees

Hybrid Cloud with GCP has sigle monthly fee policy.
Plan Method Descriptions
- Monthly Usage-based
Basically all of resources are monthly charged and calculation method is defined by Google.
For more detail information in pricing, please visit Google’s website to find general information and pricing list .

10.7.7. Quality of Service Support

Service Provider provides the support align with ECL’s standard manner .
Customers may request GCP’s resource quota change or other basic support with basic support plan.

Please consider to upgrade it to advanced plan when customers need to request detail functional query or timely outage management. Maintenance and outage notification

Please refer to the maintenance information or outage notification by Google.


For example, Google disclose their maintenance in Status Dashboard , and they send detail notifications to project owners in need. SLA

Service Provider follows the SLA defined by Google. Customers may claim the reimbursement via Service Provider with the predefined procedure .


  • Customers need to access to Google Cloud Console or other interfaces so as to control resources under GCP.
  • Google Account user is required for accessing the service.