Pricing / Operation


Following is the pricing model of vSphere menu. For more details of per-minute usage-based charge with the maximum metered cap, please refer to the Service Description on Contract Management.

Billing target


Billing Model

vSphere ESXi

Server ID

Fixed cost + monthly capped minute billing


Support Coverage

※Y: Covered in this menu N: Need to be covered by customer



Support Coverage

vSphere ESXi server



OS / middleware on a virtual server

Template of guest images menu

Y [1]

Image brought by customer.


Hypervisor (vSphere ESXi)

The provided content is hereinafter referred to as the “support”.

Firmware such as UEFI/IPMI




Remote Console Access

Network provided by Service Provider
(Network for connecting with SSL VPN Router or IPMI of Baremetal Server)

SSL VPN Client Software



Different support range for each template. For more information, please refer to the service manual for each OS. <>

Hypervisor support

Hypervisor support is as follows.

Corresponding Support Coverage

Dedicated hypervisor Server created by vSphere menu is target.

** The target version **


For How to check the Build Number, please check the following
External link: Build numbers and versions of VMware ESXi/ESX (2143832) <>`_

Support Period

This menu will be provided according to the lifecycle stipulated by VMware Inc. which is the provider of vSphere ESXi.
Each version of the support period of this menu are as follow. (For the latest information, please check the following VMware’s document)


5.5 2018/09/19 2020/09/19
6.0 2020/03/12 2022/03/12
6.5 2021/11/15 2023/11/15


Please see below sites for details about each Support phase.
External link: VMware Lifecycle Policies <>

Support of content

The support that is provided in this menu, is accorded to VMware’s General Support. (“Contact us” will be a point of contact for this service, that’s why there might be a different parts, such as the use terms.)
Content that is included in the support for this menu is as follows.

Included to Support Coverage:

  • Answers to questions about how to use the vSphereESXi

  • Service Provider will answer and investigate inquiries about defect / failure of vSphere ESXi. The answer includes the following contents.
    *Advice for the resolved trouble
    *Information guidance of KB, etc that includes the information of WA about failure [2] _ [3] _

NOT Included to Support Coverage:

  • Failure investigation · troubleshooting work directly logging in to customer system

  • Design and construction of customer system

  • Answer to the query about the performance that is not achieve as the performance that the customer thought.

  • Correspondence related to problems that can not be concluded as vSphereESXi problems.

  • Customers have to Inquiry to VMware on their own

  • In the case of complex problems with product vendors other than vSphereESXi, a directly communication with other vendors is implemented.

  • The service corresponse outside the corresponding time. Correspondence by specifying the corresponding period [5] _

  • Support for a combination of a VCPP license provided by our company and another VMware product licensed by the Customer in the same environment on this Service


Service Provider doesn’t guarantee the restoration of the defect / failure


The bug fix is not guaranteed even in the case of vSphereESXi’s bug.


Also it includes a log acquisition and upload that it is needed for investigation.


The responses are best effort. The responses are delivered as quick as possible, Sometimes, it may follow up to expectations due to reply delay in the case VMware’s Support Inquiry is concentrated.

Venues of Support

Service Provider will respond with the following formation.



  1. Inquiries about vSphereESXi product
    Please contact us from this service ticket system.
    In that case, please issue the ticket using the following format describing the necessary information.


log files, etc are provided by Support Center of VMware.
Service Provider will send it to upload site.


For the SLA of this menu, please refer to the following page.