Inquiry form for vSphere ESXi

Use this template and send your inquiry from the ticket system.
For inquiries regarding Dedicated Hypervisor vSphere ESXi, please fill out the following content.

■Please select from the inquiry menu below.
□Dedicated Hypervisor vSphere ESXi
□Dedicated Hypervisor GuestImage vCenter Server

■Please select a query type from the following.
□Inquiry about product specifications (please describe items 1 and 2)
□Inquiry about trouble or trouble (please describe all items from 1 to 6)

1.Applicable product information
(Customers can update their products, so please check.)
vCenter Server: 5.5.* (build:*******)
vCenter Host Name:*****.***.****
vCenter ServerDB: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition **.*.
ESXi version: ESX 5.5 u*
ESXi Host Name: ******.***.***


3.Impact contents (impact on customer system)
Please describe the specific situation
Ex.) Virtual server is stopped
Errors are recorded in vSphere ESXi and vCenter and there is no apparent impact

4.Occurrence situation
Ex.) Impact is ongoing
Currently restored

5.Time series
2018/**/** **:**:**
2018/**/** **:**:**

6.Acquisition log
Error / message screen capture etc
vmsupport log, event log