Pricing / Operation


Following is the pricing model of Baremetal Server menu. For more details of per-minute usage-based charge with the maximum metered cap, please refer to the Service Description on Contract Management.



Billing Model

Hyper-V (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition)

Server ID

Fixed cost + monthly capped minute billing


Support Coverage



Support Coverage

Server enabled by the Hyper-V feature



OS / middleware on a virtual server

Template of guest images menu

Y [1]

Image brought by customer.


Hypervisor (Hyper-V)

The provided content is hereinafter referred to as the “support”.

Firmware such as UEFI/IPMI




Remote Console Access

Network provided by NTT Com
(SSL VPN router / Network connect with IPMI of Baremetal server)

SSL VPN Client Software



Different support range for each template. For more information, please refer to the service manual for each OS. <>

Corresponding Support Coverage

Servers created with the dedicated hypervisor Hyper-V menu are available.

** The target version **

Official Image Template

Image Name

General Purpose 1 v1 General Purpose 2 v1 General Purpose 3 v1 Workload Optimized 1 v1 Workload Optimized 2 v1 General Purpose 1 v2 General Purpose 2 v2 General Purpose 3 v2 Workload Optimized 1 v2
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition with Hyper-V Hyper-V_WindowsServer-2012R2_Standard_64_dedicated-hypervisor_01 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Support Period

This menu will be provided according to the life cycle defined by Microsoft, the provider of Hyper-V.
Each version of the support period of this menu is the following. (Please check the following Microsoft documentation for the latest information)

OS Version and Edition

Start Support

End Support

End date of the extended support

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition 2013/11/25 2018/10/09 2023/01/10

Support Method

  • This menu supports initial setting, initial login to server, and OS activation authentication.

  • Even in the event that Customers request Support with regards to the reports of failure, errors or any troubles Customers face at installation, Setup, basic functioning, NTTCom will not activate Support Service (which includes investigation, troubleshooting, and technical advice).

Monitoring Coverage

  • The monitoring of this menu is based on the standardized SLA for Enterprise Cloud 2.0. For the details please refer to Service Description:SLA


  • For the SLA of this menu, it is accorded to the operational quality that has been defined by the standard to this service. For more information, please refer to the following page.