About this menu

This Menu provides customers the following functions on an on-demand basis via Customer Portal or API.
  1. ** Provides the server where is installed the Windows Server enabled by the on demand Hyper-V function.**
    Customers can create servers on which Hyper-V has been installed on-demand (hereinafter referred to as “servers”).
    Since it is provided with administrative privileges, as well as on-premise, the freely implementation of the configuration and management is possible.
  2. Provider license of Windows Server and Virtual Server guest OS (WindowsServer) is provided
    Customers can use the provider licensed Windows Server license (Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)).
    In addition, by using of the combined guest image menu [1] _, the virtual machine where Windows Server and SQL Server are installed is used in the provider license format.

Service Image



This service corresponds to the following Customers’ needs:

  • Customer who is currently using Hyper-V virtual environment (Windows Server) in the existing on-premise devices who wishes to promote the shift to cloud usage while maintaining the existing tools that they have mastered the use through operations.

  • Customer who wishes to achieve cost optimization/Asset Light for private cloud according to fluctuations of the business environment.


Please check the specifications of each image in the “guest image menu” <https://ecl.ntt.com/en/documents/service-descriptions/rsts/dedicated-hypervisor/guest-image/index.html>