Terms and Conditions

Items Need to be Prepared in Advance

Customers must subscribe for Common Function Gateway in a tenant for beginning of use.

Notes for Customers Prior to Use

  • This menu provides Windows Server enabled Hyper-V feature license and Baremetal Server as a set.

  • This menu is provided with the fixed monthly + pay-as-you-go model by time. Please note that the fixed cost portion with the pay-as-you-go portion will be charged if you terminate the menu in the middle of a month.

  • Customer license and Windows Server with Hyper-V license, which is provided by this menu, cannot be switched from either direction.

  • Although NTTCom is planning to offer Windows Server 2016 in the future, we will not offer upgrades to Windows 2016 or later versions of hype-rvisors provided with Windows 2012R2. *Please apply Hyper-V for Windows 2016 or newer. Then, it is necessary for customers to implement virtual server and configuration migration (migration).

  • This menu does not offer support for customers’ Hyper-V environment design/configuration/operations.

  • For this menu, the same function as the baremetal server menu is provided for the monitoring menu. (The server ID is managed by the bare metal server ID of the server details.)


  • It is prohibited for customer’s Windows Server licenses to use OS license authentication servers (KMS servers) provided by this service.

  • Utilizing this menu implies that the customer has agreed to the Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR).
    Please refer to the following URL for details.
    Microsoft Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR):
    Please refer to the latest version of Services Provider Use Rights (Worldwide) (Japanese).
  • NTT Com does not support the OS version that Microsoft support is expired. And NTT Com does not extend such expiration dates.

  • Servers in this menu has been connected to the logical network L2 where Common Function GW belong to. Customers should always maintain the connectivity, which is configured for service side management.

  • Customers can not use the segmentation ID “3” in the network setting connected to the server provided with this menu. We use it for maintenance and management of NTTCom.

  • Be sure to connect to the common function gateway in order to get correct billing information. Major OS upgrades of guest images on dedicated hypervisors are prohibited in order to get correct billing information.

  • If it is found that the billing is not correct at a later date , the difference will be billed retroactively at the start of use.

If you do the following, NTTCom will implement measures to stop the provision of services without notification.

  • Use to other environments and different server license that is provided in this menu.

  • The change of various settings (virtual switch settings, etc.) has been implemented for management in this menu. (if there is no immediately return to the original configuration settings after NTT Com’s notification).

  • By the customer’s settings, obstruct the connection with the common function gateway (not normalizing the connection after our notification)

Minimum Use Period

  • There is no minimum usage period for this menu.[1]_


Please note that the fixed monthly cost will be charged every month.