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About vCenter Server

It provides the ISO image that store the installer of vCenter Server that is available in a virtual machine on Dedicated Hypervisor vSphere ESXi.
It can be used as a vCenter Server License (vCloud Air Network) of the Service Provider License.

Deployment Patterns

  • Followings are the use cases of the vCenter Server.
    Guest OS and DBMS must be software that is bundled with the guest images or vCenter Server image.
<Deployment Patterns>

Dedicated hypervisor

Guest OS


Use of guest images


Deployment Patterns

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vSphere ESXi Windows Server SQL Server Standard   A N
        B Y
    SQL Server Express [1]   C N
        D Y
Hyper-V Windows Server SQL Server Standard   E N
        F N
    SQL Server Express [1]   G N
        H N

It is a DBMS provided and bundled within the vCenter Server Installer. When “Simple install” is selected in the installer, it will be automatically installed.

Conceptual Drawing of Configuration Patterns (Only B and D in the pattern below can be used.)



This service corresponds to the following Customers’ needs:
  • Customers wishing to continue the existing operational processes and operational proficiency tools after cloud migration for leveraging the vSphere virtual environment in on-premises.

  • Customers wishing to realize cost-optimization, asset light of private cloud to meet the changes in the business environment and then, simplifying the management of your VMware hybrid cloud.