Terms and Conditions

Items Need to be Prepared in Advance

  • This menu requires a subscription of Dedicated Hypervisor vSphere menu in advance.

Notes for Customers Prior to Use

  • vCenter Server Installer and License Key provided in this menu must be only used on the Dedicated Hypervisor vSphere ESXi Server.

  • At the time of usage of this menu by the customer, it will be construed that the customer has agreed to the EULA determined by VMware.
  • The switching in both directions of the vCenter Server license held by the customer and the vCenter Server license provided is not possible.

  • Customers need to upgrade vCenter Server themselves. After upgrading the major version, please apply the license key for each version of vCenter Server.

  • In this menu, the design and construction of the vCenter Server environment, and operation are not supported.


** If following is done, without notice to customers, the stop treatment of the provision of services will be forced to implement. **

  • vCenter Server license, which is provided in this menu, is diverted to other environment.

  • To register a ESXi other than the ESXi provided by vSphereESXi menu to this vCenter Server.

  • Change of various settings (virtual switch settings, etc.) in this service that has been implemented for management. (There is not an immediately return to the original configuration settings after our notification)

  • Change the user name of the vSphere ESXi to “ecl_admin” (this user will be the user of the service side management)

  • By the customer’s settings, obstruct the connection with the common function gateway (not normalizing the connection after our notification)

** Management responsibility of the vCenter Server license that is provided in this menu, is the the customer’s responsibility. For damages as a result of license outflow, NTT Com do not take any responsibility. **

Minimum Use Period

  • This menu does not have a minimum use period.