Conditions and Terms

Items Need to be Prepared in Advance


  • Customers must establish a connection to the Internet before using this menu.

License Switch

  • Virtual machines customer want to use the function

Notes for Customers Prior to Use


License Switch

  • This function is a function to grant NTTCom’s provider license when a customer imports the virtual machine used outside the ECL 2.0 to the dedicated hypervisor in the ECL 2.0. It is not a menu guaranteeing the operation of the virtual machine.
  • If the virtual machine does not work, it conforms to the support of the menu to be used. (vSphere / Hyper-V, and guest image software licenses)
  • The minimum required work is described in the tutorial when importing images. Please comfirm the tutorial.


  • ECL 2.0 provider license can be granted using the license switch function only for virtual machines that used our cloud service (ECL 1.0) before transition to ECL 2.0.

  • If you import a private image of BYOL, there are the following restrictions.
    • Customers can not use repository server (RHUI) provided by NTTCom.

    • Customers can not change the license type from BYOL to the provider license. (Prohibited by the terms of Red Hat)

    • It is not possible to apply Addon such as provider license ELS.

  • If you bring in a provider license : RHEL 5/6, Extended Life cycle Support will always apply.
    • By separately using Extended Life cycle support, we will provide security fixes for degree of influence “critical” and some bug fixes for priority “urgent”.
      Also, customers can extend the support period with Extended Lifecycle Support.
      Please refer to the official page of Red Hat for details.
    • ELS is applicable only to virtual machines created with the RHEL5 / 6 image brought in by the provider license.

    • In addition to the RHEL body price, the ELS price will be charged.(Please refer to the price list for details)



If there is any violation of the following restrictions, NTT Com will terminate the service without notifying the customer.

  • Applying the license/image, which is provided in this menu, to outside of this service or a server by a different tenant in this service

  • Utilizing the virtual machine image, created by an image provided in this menu, in other than the virtual environment constructed by a dedicated hypervisor vSphere / Hyper-V menu.

  • Changing settings given by this service side (account/metadata, etc.) (in case that customer does not swiftly return the setting to the original setting after the notification by this service)

  • Using OS images between Dedicated Hypervisor, Baremetal Server, and virtual server menus.

  • Be sure to connect to the common function gateway in order to get correct billing information. Also, major OS upgrades of guest images are prohibited.

  • If it is found that the billing is not correct at a later date , the difference will be billed retroactively at the start of use.

  • If there is a violation of the restrictions [1] _ of each image


For more information about each image, please refer to the respective service description.

License Switch

  • To use NTTCom license server, please use the license switch function and designate the virtual machine customers want to use our provider license. If customer use our license server without specifying it, it will be a license violation. NTTCom are not responsible for this license violation

  • Using the customer portal or API, the corresponding virtual machine is in a stopped state from the application of the license switch until the license switch is completed.

  • The annotation field of the corresponding virtual machine is empty

Minimum Use Period

  • This menu does not have a minimum use period.