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Version number

Changed fields

2020/11/10 2.7.5
Add the description about Cent OS 8.1/Ubuntu 20.04.01
Add the description about JP6
2020/10/14 2.7.4
Add the description about RHEL 7.7/RHEL 8.1/Cent OS 7.7
2020/09/09 2.7.3
Add and modify the description about VMwareESXi support
2020/06/19 2.7.2
Windows Server 2019 Standard/Datacenter Edition
Add the description about support.
2019/11/27 2.7.1

Add the Restriction item about database backup.

2019/09/19 2.7.0
Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter Edition
Release System Backup/System Restore
2019/03/12 2.6.3
Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter Edition
File backup / file restore offer start
2018/10/16 2.6.2

Addition of explanation concerning double storage function

2018/09/04 2.6.1
Regarding the start of provision of JP4 backup (local storage)
2018/08/01 2.6.0
Update information on Windows Server 2016 support
2018/07/27 2.5.0
Regarding the start of provision of JP5 backup (local storage)
2018/06/18 2.4.0
Additional notes accompanying the start of JP 5 provision
2018/05/24 2.3.0
Change support official image template (Linux OS type)
2017/08/03 2.2.0
Begin provision of additional regions (local storage)
Detailed support official image template information
Support for backup over NAT environment
2017/07/06 2.1.0
Available in UK1(Only Local Store)
Revise document partially.
2017/04/20 2.0.0
Double Store available (Standard changed to Local Store)
Launch of the JP2 region (Local Store and Double Store)
2017/02/16 1.2.2

Add common function gateway communication requirements

2016/12/27 1.2.1

Supported official image addition (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Applications) / generation number (maximum) / file backup / system backup simultaneous execution not possible supplementation

2016/10/03 1.2.0

Addition of report function, System backup, Addition of restore function (RHEL), Unlock system restoration of partition / external storage

2016/08/31 1.1.0

System backup and restore features

2016/07/27 1.0.0

First edition created