10.1. Cloud Foundry

10.1.1. Overview Overview

When Customers opt to operate their system by utilizing IaaS, they are required to HA configurations (e.g., load balancer and multiple VMware), middle wares, monitoring systems, security patches, adding to operate application development.
This service makes customers free from the operations by providing these kind of execution environment as a cloud service. Features

  • Using Cloud Foundry, which is open source software for application platforms, we provide application execution environments without any vendor lock-in.

  • General programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby are available.

  • We provide Shared Cloud Foundry (Shared CF), which is available at low cost, and Virtual Private Cloud Foundry (Virtual Private CF), which is connected with customers’ logical networks.

10.1.2. Available Functions List of Available Functions



    Shared CF Virtual Private CF


Functions within Basic Price

Available Application Language of PaaS (Cloud Foundry-Based)

Corresponded Language (Regular Build Pack)

Technical Support Available

Y (Java, PHP, Ruby, Staticfile, Binary) Y (Java, PHP, Ruby, Staticfile, Binary)
  • Available for other languages by utilizing Docker Image or Build-pack.

  • Binary is a executable file(command line) on Linux.

  • Please also refer to “Support Coverage”.


No Technical Support, but Functional

Y (Python, Nodejs, Go) Y (Python, Nodejs, Go)  
      Docker image Y Y

The maximum size of docker images available is 2GB.

      Custom Buildpack Y Y  


Build-In Service for Development

  Y (MySQL) N  
    JobScheduler   Y

N (will be available in the future)

    AppMonitoring   Y

N (will be available in the future)


Direct access to container by using SSH

    Y Y  

GitHub Collaboration

    Y N  

SSL(Server certificate)


Y (No additional cost)

This function enable customers to use certificates which customers obtain.


SSL (Client certificate)


N (will be available in the future)

In Virtual Private CF, customers’ private CA certificates will be available in the future. Descriptions of Respective Functions

Functions within Basic Price



Available Application Language of PaaS (Cloud Foundry-Based)

  • Customers can easily operate scale-out and / or scale-up and such CLI command for this particular menu by provisioning individual service portal and / or API.

  • Build pack this menu provides will be such as “Java, PHP, Ruby, Staticfile, and Binary”; in addition, “Python, Nodejs, and Go” can also be utilized but are not supported with this menu.

  • There are other available for Customers with other languages only if they prepare to customize with Docker Image Custom Buildpack.

  • CPU use ratio and memory use of Application will be available with graphic views. (only available in Shared CF)

  • Regular output / regular error logs for application will be available for Customers with a Tail mode.


  • Customers can be provided with small databases(10MB) for testing applications. (only available in Shared CF)

  • Customers can automatically execute jobs(http/https(GET only)) described by cron-like expression. (only available in Shared CF)

  • AppMonitoring performs GET operation to a specified URL at one minute interval with http protocol, and monitors if the Status Code 20x is returned within a specified time (threshold value). The URL is an arbitrary string of 255 characters or less, and the threshold value can be specified down to the third decimal place with a range of 0 to 30 seconds. If NG is obtained for 3 consecutive times, an notification will be made to a specified mail address. If OK is obtained for 3 consecutive times after NG, a notification of recovery will be made.

Log-in to Container

  • Customers can log-in ssh against deployed application’s executable container.

GitHub Collaboration

  • Customers can directly deploy application(s) over Cloud Foundry from GitHub repository through the portal. (only available in Shared CF)

Optional Function



SSL (for Shared CF)

Customers can utilize SSL by showing their attained certificate.
Customers are required to apply for registering SSL certificate via the portal.
This option is for Shared CF. In virtual Private CF, SSL is available without adiitional cost.

10.1.3. Menu Plan

List of Plan


Access to customers’ ap running on Cloud Foundry

Shared CF

Access by Global IP via Internet

Virtual Private CF

Access via customer’s Logical Network

Description of Plan



Shared CF
This is the Plan that shares Customers’ executable environmental resources.
Whilst it is possible for Customers to utilize this menu at an inexpensive rate, there will also be a possibility where other Customers’ application(s) may affect theirs.
FQDN that accesses application is defaulted at a combination of “Customers’ optional Host Name and NTT Com’s Shared Domain”.
Customers can utilize their independent domain by recording C-NAME((userapp.<region name>.eclpaas.com)) provisioned for this menu as the Customers’ regular DNS that they regularly utilize.
Instance size can be selected within the capacities of 128MB through to 8GB.
Uppermost maximum of Instance that is creatable for one (1) Tenant will be 40GB.
Uppermost maximum of creatable service will be at 100 for one (1) Tenant.
Virtual Private CF
Dedicated resource for operating applications.
Due to connections with customers’ logical networks, both Internet and closed network are avialable.
FQDNs that are used to access applications are defaulted at a combination of “Customers’ optional Host Name and NTT Com’s Shared Domain”, but customers’ domain names are also available.
Instance size can be selected within the capacities of 128MB through to 8GB.
The maximum number of Virtual Private CFs creatable per tenant is 10.
The maximum numbers of CF Routers and Cells available for a Virtual Private CF are 6 and 20, respectively. Memory size of 16GB is available per Cell. If you require more than these, please contact our Support Department. Subscriptions Method

10.1.4. Terms and Conditions Conditions in Combining with Other Services

  • Conditions in Combining with Other Services are not set for Shared CF.

  • To use Virtual Private CF, outbound communication through the Internet is required because Cloud Foundry acquires middleware from the Internet at the time of application deployment. Protocols used are DNS (TCP, UDP/53), http (TCP/80), https (TCP/443). Please refer to the Tutorial for examples of the network configuration. Also DHCP function in Logical Network attached to Virtual Private CF need to be enabled. Minimum Use Period

  • This menu does not require any minimum use period.

10.1.5. Pricing Initial Fee

  • This menu does not require initial fee. Monthly Fees

  • This menu’s monthly fees are billed as follows:


Monthly Fees

Supplementary Remarks

Shared CF

Monthly uppermost maximum added metric rate at each second.

Operable hours of application will be the billing subject; therefore, at such hours the application is not in duration, no charge will be added.
For each Tenant, Instance use for every hour will be calculated and which will subsequently become the subject of bills, worth 500 hours of timetable unit will be the subject of the bill. Since it is fixed flat rate, Customers’ use for more than 500 hours will be billed at no charge.
*If there is rounding error during calculation, it will be rounded down.
Virtual Private CF

Monthly bills with capped metered uppermost maximum (per minute).

Regardless of whether applications are running, customers will be chaged based on the numbers of CF Routers and Cells.
Since subscription of a new environment and the applications migration are required to update the Cloud Foundry itself, basic rates of the second environment shall be free for initial 30 days in case of a subscription of a second Virtual Private CF environment within the same tenant. It will be charged, however, even for initial 30 days for a third environment and beyond.
*If there is rounding error during calculation, it will be rounded down.
  • This menu’s optional functions for each month are billed as follows:


Monthly Fees

Supplementary Remarks

SSL (for Shared CF)

Monthly uppermost maximum added metric rate at each second.

Billed at each one (1) Certificate.
Billed to all SSL certificates which are recorded, no matter if SSL certificates are being utilized or not.
This option is for Shared CF. In virtual Private CF, SSL is available without adiitional cost.

10.1.6. Quality of Service Support Coverage

  • Our support covers the functions that is provided by the Buildpacks of the supported language, anywhere else, such as Customers’ applications will not be covered for support.

  • At such time as Customers’ own Buildpack is brought in to utilize, support will not be covered to Customers who are essentially responsible for all scope which includes middle ware utilized along with the brought-in Buildpack. Operations

  • Qualities of this menu’s operations correspond to that which is accommodated within the standard operations’ quality for a regular service of ECL2.0. SLA

  • This menu does not cover or correspond to SLA details.

10.1.7. Restrictions

  • A local disk attached with Application Disks is volatile; therefore, it is possible for Customers are warned of possible loss of data stored via application either at reboot for application or at the Instance switch-over.

  • Applications can NOT communicate by listening to via application-own ports.

  • Build-In service for development costs Customers no charge; however, it is possible for Customers to have an intermittent service interruption at which time, data restoration for such could not be guaranteed.

  • When such time as PaaS platform’s maintenance takes place which requires the Customers’ application to reboot outside such timing for the scheduled maintenance.

  • In Virtual Private CF, we prioritize the stability of applications; therefore we don’t update Cloud Foundry without critical security updates. If an update of Cloud Foundry is needed, customers can do it by applying new Virtual Private CF and migrating applications.

  • In Virtual Private CF, if outbound traffic to the Internet is unavailable, parts of Buildpack are unavailable.

  • After the subscription order of Virtual Private CF, request for connection to the customer’s tenant will be sent within 4 business days. It will be available within 10 business days after the customer’s approval. Setting Changes (increase/decrease of CF Routers and Cells, addition/removal of NW, change of the DNS server, or addition/deletion of certificates) will become valid within 6 business days after the customer’s request.

  • It may takes time to provision Virtual Private CF when customer wishes to use huge amount of resource.

  • In case of DNS server change in the Virtual Private CF, a short break of the network and rebooting of the applications will occur during the work time. In case of increase/decrease of CF Routers, addition/removal of NW, or addition/change/deletion of certificates, a short break of the network will occur during the work time. Increase of Cells will not affect services during the work time. Decrease of Cells, if instances exist in a work target Cell, will cause reboot of the corresponding instances in other Cell.

  • On Virtual Private CF, service monitoring including application deployment will be conducted from NTT Com’s environment. Due to operational nature of Cloud Foundry, Internet outbound traffics may occur in conjunction with the service monitoring.