New Proposal(for ArcServe)


New Proposal


  • Post

API Operation Object

  • Proposal(Product/License)

Synchronous / Asynchronous

  • Synchronous


HTTP Request Method

  • POST

HTTP Request Path


HTTP Request Header


Content-Type: application/json
X-Auth-Token: <token_id>

HTTP Request Body


    "Language": 1,
    "ProductId": 1,
    "SupportDeskId": 1,
    "CustomerEmailAddress": "",
    "CompanyName": "<CompanyName>",
    "Licenses": [
            "LicenseId": 0,
            "QuantityWin": 2,
            "QuantityLin": 2

Request Parameter

Request Parameters
name style format description required/optional
tenant_id URL String(UUID) Tenant which the user have role. required
token_id Header String(token_id) - required
Language Body int Choose ‘language_id’ below required
ProductId Body String ID of Product reqired
SupportDeskId Body int ID of SupportDesk required
CustomerEMailAddress Body String Your e-mail address required
CompanyName Body String Company Name required
LicenseId Body int ID of License required
QuantityWin Body int Total quantity of Windows OS of this License required : QuantityInputPattern of this License is 1 or 3
QuantityLin Body int Total quantity of Linux OS of this License required : QuantityInputPattern of this License is 2 or 3
language_id Language
1 Japanese
2 English


HTTP Response Header


HTTP/1.1 <response code> <message> (ex. 200 OK)
  • <response_code>: see “HTTP Responses” section
  • <message>: message based on the response code

Response Code

Response Codes
response code condition
200 normal end
400 Bad Request
403 Unauthorized
404 not found a specified item

HTTP Response Body

  • none