Get License Master(for ArcServe)


Get License Master(for ArcServe)


  • Get

API Operation Object

  • License

Synchronous / Asynchronous

  • Synchronous


HTTP Request Method

  • GET

HTTP Request Path


HTTP Request Header


X-Auth-Token: <token_id>
Language: <language_id>

HTTP Request Body

  • none

Request Parameter

Request Parameters
name style format description required/optional
tenant_id URL String(UUID) Tenant which the user have role. required
product_id URL int ID of Product required
license_id URL int ID of License optional
token_id Header String(token_id) - required
language_id Header int Choose ‘language_id’ below required
language_id Language
1 Japanese
2 English


HTTP Response Header


HTTP/1.1 <response code> <message> (ex. 200 OK)
  • <response_code>: see “HTTP Responses” section
  • <message>: message based on the response code

Response Code

Response Codes
response code condition
200 normal end
400 Bad Request
403 Unauthorized
404 not found a specified item

HTTP Response Body


    "Licenses": [
            "LicenseId": 1,
            "ProductId": 1,
            "LicenseName1": "for 仮想サーバー",
            "LicenseName2": "",
            "LicenseName3": "Windows",
            "LicenseName1En": "for Virtual Server",
            "LicenseName2En": "",
            "LicenseName3En": "Windows",
            "QuantityInputPattern": 1,
            "KeyAdditionalFlag": false

Response Parameter

Response Parameters
item format description
LicenseId int ID of License
LicenseName1 String Name of License
LicenseName2 String Name of License(Usage Type)
LicenseName3 String Name of License(Agent OS)
LicenseName1En String Name of License(English)
LicenseName2En String Name of License(Usage Type)(English)
LicenseName3En String Name of License(Agent OS)(English)
QuantityInputPattern int Pattern of OS quantity input
KeyAdditionalFlag boolean Internal Use