GCP Connection


This data type are included API response as below.
  • create gcp_connection
  • list gcp_connection
  • show gcp_connection
  • update gcp_connection
  • delete gcp_connection


Parameter Description DATATYPE  
gcp_connections Array of gcp_connection resource Array  
gcp_connection gcp_connection resource Object  
id It identifies gcp_connection resource uniquely. String(UUID)  
name Name of gcp_connection. String(256)  
description Description of gcp_connection. String(256)  
status Status of gcp_connection. String(active, down)  
operation_phase Phase of operation for gcp_connection String(prepare_connection, approve_connection, update_connection, delete_connection)  
operation_status Status of operation for gcp_connection String(processing, complete, error)  
pairing_key_primary Pairing Key for Active Cloud Router in GCP String(256)  
pairing_key_secondary Pairing Key for Standby Cloud Router in GCP String(256)  
tenant_id Tenant ID of the owner. String(32)  
bandwidth Bandwidth assigned with this connection. Integer(50,100,200,300,400,500,1000)  
qos_type QoS type assigned with this connection. String(Guarantee)  
exchange_point_id ID of exchange_points. String(UUID)  
vlan VLAN ID Integer  
gcp_gateway_id ID of gcp_gateway which gcp_connection connected String(UUID)  
gcp_interface_id ID of gcp_interface which gcp_connection connected String(UUID)  
gcp_region_name Name of Region where customer’s cloud router exists String(64)