4. Revision History

Revision History
Date Version Detail
2020/xx/xx 1.2.8
Add type to OS-Stop parameters
Fix URLs for API endpoint
Update default quota to 128
Add Content-Type to request header
Update UEFI parameters for new flavor
2019/09/09 1.2.7 Add and fix validation of server name in Create Server API
2019/04/04 1.2.6 Fix a wrong path for ServerCreate API
2018/11/14 1.2.5 Add description about the type of partition size
2018/10/09 1.2.3 Fix file name of ShowAvailabilityZone.rst
2018/09/28 1.2.2 Fix a lot of typos and grammatical errors
2017/10/01 1.2.1 Fix server create request sample (argument related lvm)
2016/10/01 1.2.0 Add MediaAttach / MediaDetach API
2016/06/28 1.1.2 Add managed_by_service and managed_service_resource_id to GetServer, GetServers API
2016/06/10 1.1.1 Add link to service description at UEFI Setting API
2016/05/31 1.1.0 Add UEFI Setting API
2016/05/31 1.0.4 Delete ServerUpdate API (since it isn’t not supported)
2016/05/31 1.0.3 Fix descriptions at ListServersDetails, ListServers, ShowServer API
2016/05/31 1.0.2 Fix server name limitation and Network segmentation_id at CreateServer API
2016/05/31 1.0.1 Fix system partition size of windows at CreateServer API
2016/02/01 1.0.0 First edition