API References

1.Please note that upper or lower case of  API response header name may change without prior notice due to service specification changes.

2.RFC2616 regulation defines that header names are case-insensitive.

 Enterprise Cloud 2.0 API Quick Guide

Use the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 API to manager your cloud. You can provision, configure, and manage with APIs.

Get Started with Enterprise Cloud 2.0 API


We recommends your API key and API Secret key updates regularly.
The procedure is as below.
Update API Key

The list of API endpoint

The following are the URLs of each service endpoint.

We may change their global IP addresses, so please access them by FQDN.

You are required to input region name you want to utilize in lower case in [Region Name] column. (e.g. keystone-uk1-ecl.api.ntt.com)

Please refer to below list for API end points.

Function NameEndpoint URL
Keystonekeystone-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Management Functionsss-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Network / EnterpriseCloud Connectivity(1000BASE-LX/10GBASE-LR)network-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Provider Connectivity(Enterprise Cloud 2.0,Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform)provider-connectivity-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Virtual Network Appliance(vSRX)/virtual-network-appliance-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Baremetal Serverbaremetal-server-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Remote Console Accessrca-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Image Storageglance-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Virtual Servernova-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
cinder-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Storagestorage-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Collocation (1000BASE-T) / EnterpriseCloud Connectivityinterconnectivity-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Dedicated Hypervisordedicated-hypervisor-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Hybrid Cloud with Azurehc-azure-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Monitoringmonitoring-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Cloud Foundrypaas-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
DNSdns-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
WebRTC Platformwebrtc-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
Securitymss-rfg-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com
For Middleware / GSLB / Power Systemssoi-[Region Name]-ecl.api.ntt.com