1.2. How to UseΒΆ

STEP 1 Log into customer portal
  • Log into customer portal. (Section 2.1)
    Methods vary depending on availability of the business portal.

STEP 2 Create a virtual server

STEP 3 Set up network appliance
  • Set up the network appliance device (such as filters and registration of route information) to access the virtual server. All communications are disabled by default. Therefore, customer needs to set optional filtering rule that enables communications as needed.
  • Alias IP is set to Internet Gateway, VPN gateway, vLoad Balancer and Server Segment to communicate. Please use Alias IP when using the IP address of these equipment in order to you set up filter rule, NAT rule, and routing,
    When using vFirewall (Section 11)
    When using a comprehensive network appliance (Section 13)

STEP 4 Operate the virtual server
  • Start up the virtual server and connect to console (Section 5.1.1)
  • It will take roughly 30 minutes for guest OS customization for the initial startup. Please do not check the virtual server operation and the guest OS operation during the start up. The guest OS settings within the virtual server can also use the console connection in the customer portal. Please have the customers execute the guest OS settings.

STEP 5 Check connectivity and start operation
  • The customers are to check the communication to the virtual server prior to installing and setting various software according to their usage.
  • Operation
    Access management of portal and resources (Section 14)
    Contact support (Section 14.6)