16.6. Making Inquiry to Support Center

16.6.1. Making Inquiry to Support Center

Follow the procedure below to make inquiry to the support center.
* Note that ticket cannot be issued for the portal user who does not belong to “Automatic Group - Full Permissions” so that the user needs to be added in advance.
1. Put the cursor at [1] on the Manage Enterprise Cloud screen and then click [2].
2. The screen for creating ticket for the service appears. Select the category [a] and then click [3].
* Description of category
Item Description Example Remarks
Normal request Select this option when contents cannot be determined. - -
(Degradation of service)
Select this option when there is a problem in service quality. Network connection is slow, etc. -
(Service unavailable)
Select this option when the service cannot be used. Service cannot be used, etc. -
Request for change
(Service change)
Select this option when requesting the change of setting. Setting changes that cannot be executed on the customer portal(changing the option settings,etc.) Please contact sales representative if monthly fee changes.
Inquiry Select this option when making inquiry regarding service. Checking service specifications, etc. -
Service request
(Service change)
Not currently used. Making a new or additional contract. Please contact your sales representative.
Service request
(Degradation of service)
This option is not currently available. - -
Service request
(Service unavailable)
This option is not currently available. - -

3. Input details of inquiries and then click [4].
* Input rules applied on the Create Ticket screen.
  Input field Input contents Mandatory/ Optional
a Text box This item can be used for inputting overview of inquiry. Mandatory
b Text box
This item can be used for inputting details of inquiry.
  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Details of event
  • Error code (if displayed)
  • Malfunctioning service (computing and vFirewall, etc.)
  • Malfunctioning equipment (jvx4000774, etc.)
c Pulldown menu “Low” needs to be selected by default. (“Emergent” is not used for this service.) Mandatory
d Button Attachment file is not currently available. Do not attach any file. Optional
e Button This item can be used for selecting and adding Enterprise Cloud Service. Mandatory
f Button This item can be used for selecting and adding the user name relevant to inquiry. Mandatory

4. Check the inquiry at the list of service desk [5].