13.5. Set up VIP

This describes how to set up VIP.

13.5.1. Reference to VIP

This describes the procedures to refer to VIP settings.
1. Click [1] from the Manage VLB screen (Virtual IPs tab).
2. Click the VIP you want to refer to.
(For this example, click [2] to refer to [Load Balancer SEG1 VIP 1].)
3. The VIP information can be found.
* Please check the below chart (information that can be referred to in the Virtual IPs tab) for the contents in each item.
* Information that can be found in the Virtual IPs tab.
Item Content
a The identifier for VIP
b The IP address for VIP

13.5.2. Adding VIP Settings

This describes the procedures in adding VIP settings.
1. Click [1] in the Manage VLB screen to open the Add Virtual IP screen.
2. Click [2] after entering the VIP setting values to add the VIP settings.
* Please check the below chart (input rules for the Add Virtual IP screen) for the input rules of each item.
* Input rules of the Add Virtual IP screen
  Input field Input contents Mandatory or Optional Input conditions
a Pull down Select the IP address registered as VIP Mandatory Select from Available IP

13.5.3. Deleting VIP Settings

This describes the procedures in deleting VIP settings.
1. Click the VIP setting that you want to delete from the Mange VLB screen (Virtual IPs tab).
(For this example click [1] to delete [Load Balancer SEG1 VIP 1].)
2 . Click [2] after the details of the selected VIP settings appear.
3. A warning screen will appear. Click [3], if there are no problems, to delete the VIP settings.