3.1. Adding the VMware Plug-inΒΆ

This section describes the setting processes of the VMware Plug-in necessary for operating a virtual server from a console for EC. These processes are the processes necessary for the work in chapter 7, “Adding Virtual Servers.” (This is the information as of February 2015. Screen that appears up on installation varies depending on Plug-in version.)

  1. On the ECL administration screen, click on the vApp you want to use.

  1. The virtual server administration screen (operation tab) appears. Click on [Console] on the virtual server administration screen.

  1. The Remote Console screen appears in another window. In this timing, the screen shows the error “Error: VMRC Plugin not installed”.

  1. When the error screen appears, point the cursor to the part “click here to download the installer” shown on the screen.

  1. The VMware Plug-in download screen appears. Click on [Save].

  1. The file “vmware-vmrc-win32-86.exe” is saved in “Download” in “Favorites” on your terminal. Execute the exe file.


  • Before executing the installer, close Firefox completely. If you keep running Firefox and execute the installation of the plug-in, a warning appears in the process of the installation, asking you to close Firefox.

  1. The panel to start the installation of the plug-in appears. Click on [Yes (Y)].

  1. The installer starts running. Click on [Next].

  1. On the “Select Browser” screen, uncheck [Internet Explorer], and click on [Next].


  • Internet Explorer is excluded from the scope of the plug-in setting.

  1. On the “Ready to Install the VMware Remote Console Plug-in components” screen, make sure that the scope of the plug-in installation includes Firefox only. Click on [Install].

  1. When the panel of the completion of the plug-in installation appears, the installation is finished.