1.1. Procedure : How to Install a SQL Server

By utilizing an Public Catalog of the below SQL Server, introduce the installation procedure after Virtual Machine creation.

  • 012 windows 2016 std jp with ms sql 2016 sp2 std
  • 012 windows 2016 std en with ms sql 2016 sp2 std
  • 012 windows 2016 std jp with ms sql 2017 std
  • 012 windows 2016 std en with ms sql 2017 std

1.1.1. Procedure Flow : SQL Server Installation


1.1.2. Procedure : SQL Server Installation Connect a Virtual Machine to a console. SQL Server Instance Name Modification

If you change a SQL Server Instance Name, input [ Yes ]; otherwise, if you do not change one, input [ No ] and click [ Enter ].


Input a SQL Server Instance Name, then click [ Enter ].


If the input details are correct, write down [ Yes ]; otherwise if not correct, write down [ NO ], and click [ Enter ].

../../_images/image5.png Select Database Engine Collation.

Select the Database Engine Collation, click [ OK ].


If the selected details are correct, input [ Yes ], while if the one are NOT correct, input [ No ], click [ Enter ].

../../_images/image7.png Install SQL Server

Once the SQL Server Installation has started, wait for a while until the installation will have completed and the login screen will display.

1.1.3. Health Check Install Log Check

Open Summary.txt file in the folder specified below by notepad.

SQL Server 2016 C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\setup BootStrap\Log\Summary.txt
SQL Server 2017 C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\setup BootStrap\Log\Summary.txt

Make sure “Final result” is “Passed”.

../../_images/image8.png Check the items, such as the Instance Name, the Collation and the Version.

Open Windows Powershell.

Input [ ssms ] and click [ Enter ].

Click [ Connect ] with a default variable.


Right click on server name and click “Properties”.


If you have selected a default instance, check the relevant server host name shown at [ Name ]. If you have selected any instance name, check that 1. the relevant server host name & 2. a specified instance name have been shown at [ Name ].

Make sure the number of “Version” is the same.

SQL Server 2016 SP2 13.0.5026.0
SQL Server 2017 14.0.1000.169

Check that the variable is selected by [ Server Collation ].