3.1. Image Backup Management

This section describes how to make operation on the administration screen for image backup.
  • Image Backup Management Screen
From the menu, select 【Enterprise Cloud】(1).
The EC administration screen (top screen) appears.
To use the image backup, make selection from the icon shown in the image of each virtual server, or select [Backup] from the “Operation” menu on the top screen.
  • Backup Setting Screen
This section describes the case where the backup is selected from the icon shown on the administration screen of a virtual server.
Click on the Backup icon (1) in the image of the target virtual server.
A screen opens, showing “Backup Setting”-the screen to register a backup job from.
Num. Item Description
(1) Job execution available The icon to make the execution of a backup job available
(2) Job pause The icon to disable (to suspend) a backup job
(3) Valid/invalid flag A flag to turn green when a job is enabled, to turn gray when no job is set, and to turn red when a job is suspended
(4) Scheduled job A field to show the list of specified jobs—you can register (add) a schedule from here.
(5) Recent history (7 days) A field to show the list of the jobs recently executed (in 7 days)—you can view all entries in the history from “View Report”.
(6) Backup image A field to show the list of the image files of the virtual servers backed up—you can execute a restoration of any virtual server from the list.
* This screen also shows the statuses of the backup files if you are using file backups.