1.1. Making a Backup

Use Flow
STEP 1. Precheck
  • Check the compatible OS and virtual server
The target of the support in this service is the virtual servers that are created based on the public catalog provided by NTT Com. For the compatible OS, see the precautions (recommended environments) in the section “Image Backup” of Enterprise Cloud Service Function Guide.
  • Unmounting external storages (When using a network storage)
Unmount storages from a guest OS. If an external storage is mounted, you cannot make a backup. To use them, remounting them after restoration is necessary.
STEP 2. Registering a backup job
STEP 3. Checking the completion of a backup
  • You can check the completion when you receive an email message reporting on the completion of a backup (if you have made a setting to receive email messages) or when you see the status “Successful” in the Backup Report provided from the Customer Portal.

  • Examples of backup time (The time validated by NTT Com in January 2015)
Data Size Time
10GB Several minutes or longer
50GB 5 minutes or longer
150GB 20 minutes or longer
*Variable depending on the use condition of the platform and the size of real data

  • Checking the conditions of the power source
The backup can be executed regardless of the condition of the poser source. However, do not execute it while the status is Partially Powered Off. In such case, make sure to press down the Power Off button to the complete stop status.