2.1. View Contract History

On the View Contract screen, click the Contract History button.
The Contract History screen is displayed.
[Screen image] Contract History screen
The Contract History screen displays the following information:
[Display item list]
[1] Search condition setting items
Item Explanation Character Type Required
Term Enter a term for the Contract history. Date -
Sort Condition
Select conditions of sorting data.
Lists data in the specified order according to the selected conditions.
Sorting order Sorts items on the Contract history list in the ascend or descend. (Default: Descend). -

[Operation button list]
Button Explanation
Search Displays results meeting the search conditions entered.

[2] Information display items
[Display item list]
Item Explanation Character Type Required
Service ID Displays the service ID. - -
Contract Plan Displays the contract plan. - -
GW IP Address Displays GW IP address. - -
Primary Storage IP Address Displays the primary storage IP address. - -
Secondary Site Displays the secondary site name. - -
Normal Bandwidth Displays the normal bandwidth. - -
Boosting Bandwidth Displays boosting bandwidth. - -
Date Displays the date of operation - -
Contract Type Displays the status. - -
Volume Displays volume names. - -
Contract Plan Displays the contract plan applied for. - -
Contract Volume Size Displays the contract volume size applied for. - -

[Operation button list]
Button Explanation
Export CSV Outputs the GFS (GDB) Contract history list to a CSV file.
Back Returns the display to the View Contract screen.

<< Remarks >>
  • If you press the Search button without specifying a period, the Contract history list is displayed entirely.