1.1. Usage of GFS (GDB)

After login to the Customer Portal, the View Contract screen is displayed. Select necessary operation there.
The View Contract screen can also be displayed from the Service Interconnect Gateway (SIG) screen as below.
First Step: On the Enterprise Cloud screen, click the SIG button.
Second Step: Click the “IP Address”
(1) View Contract
[Screen image] View Contract screen
The View Contract screen displays the following information:
[Display item list]
Item Explanation Character Type Required
Service ID Displays the service ID. - -
Contract Plan Displays the contract plan. - -
GW IP Address Displays the GW IP address. - -
Primary Storage IP Address Displays the primary storage IP Address. - -
Secondary Site Displays the secondary site name. - -
Replication Status Displays the replication status. - -
Normal Bandwidth Displays the normal bandwidth. - -
Boosting Bandwidth Displays boosting bandwidth. - -
Boosting Status Displays the boosting status. - -

<Used Capacity>
  • Primary Storage and Secondary Storage*1
Item Explanation Character Type Required
Storage Host Name Displays the storage host name. - -
No Displays No. - -
Volume Displays volume names. - -
Path Name Displays path name. - -
Export Information Displays export information. - -
Protocol Displays protocols. - -
Volume Size Displays the volume sizeagreed on. - -
Used Size Displays the storage sizealready used. - -
%Used Displays the storage occupancy. - -
Total Total Volume Size Displays the total volume size agreed on. - -
Total Used Size Displays the total storage size already used. - -
Total %Used Displays the total storage occupancy. - -

[Operation button list]
Button Explanation
Show Volume Usage
About the use of storage on the View Contract screen, the following items are updated:
  • Used Size
  • %Used
  • Total Used Size
  • Total %Used
Contract History Changes the display to the Contract History screen.
Traffic Information *1 Changes the display to the Traffic Information screen.
Replication *1 Changes to the Replication screen.
*1 This is displayed only when there is remote site information.

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