3.9.3. How to contact Acronis

This section describes how to check the document and contact Acronis when customers are having troubles with products.

Log in to the Acronis customer website, and then select “SUPPORT” in the menu at the left.
Select “Technical inquiries for personal products and corporate products.”

  • Check the existing document
Select “Quick solution” with the corresponding product license.

If selecting “Acronis Backup” after selecting category, go to pages of FAQ and other information.
If selecting “See Product Documentation”, go to manuals.
* It is also possible to access to this Web page by requesting “https://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/”.

  • Inquiring Acronis.
Select any inquiry method with the corresponding product license.

* Form if “Submit a ticket” is selected

Product: The selected product appears in the default setting.
Operating system: Select the operating system in which product is run.
Subject: Enter the subject.
Enter contents of request.
  *As for usage environment of customer, please describe the following information as much as possible.
  1. OS (name, service package, configuration, kernel (for Linux))
  2. Virtual platform name, version, build number (if applicable)
  3. Network platform (domain/ workstation, network configuration)
  4. User, member configuration and privilege
  5. Software that may affect Acronis
  6. Detailed information of hardware including PCI ID, correct model of removable device
  7. Date and time when the failure occurred for the first time
  8. Operation that indicates a failure
   Example: First installation, upgrade, new backup plan,
     Change of configuration of other hardware or software
  9. Type of attachment file if there is an attachment file
   Example: Notification mail, capturing of screen, system information file and other log file and so on
Attachment file: Select a file to be attached by using the [Reference] button.
  * Select various information obtained at “Collection of information related to failure” here.
Details of contact information: Information registered on the Acronis customer website are set.