3.6.2. Restoration by using the management server

This section describes the procedure of restoration by using the management server. Similar procedure is adopted if the target server is Windows server or Linux server.
Restoration can be performed according to this procedure only if the server OS to be restored is operating properly and the server OS is recognized by the management server.


This procedure describes the steps for restoring backup data that was acquired by the server A in the past.

(1) Run Acronis on the management server.
  As for Windows
   Double-click the Acronis icon on the desktop.
  As for Linux
  Click [Applications] - [System Tools] - [Acronis Cyber Protect].

   Or, connect to “http://<IP address of the management server>:<Web pot number for Acronis>” on the Web browser by using the computer that can connect to the management server.

(2) In the case of Windows and signing in to Acronis by using the account used for logging in to Windows, click “SIGN IN”. In the case of different user, click [Enter user name and password], enter account and password and then log into Acronis.
In the case of Linux, enter account and password and then log into Acronis.

(3) Select the location at which the backup data to be restored in “Locations” in the [BACKUP STORAGE] tab, and then double-click the location.
In this case, the management target location of the storage node is selected.

(4) Backup list appears. If the “Machine to browse from” described above is different from the host name of the destination server of restoration, click [Change].
* In case of the centralized management type and there are multiple management target servers, the server that is different from the restoration destination server may appear in the default setting.
* The server selected here is set as the restoration destination server on the Restoration server that appears later.

(5) Select the server that will be set as the destination of destination from the list, and then click [OK].

(6) When the previous screen appears, confirm that the “Machine to browse from” is changed to the sever to be restored.
* Confirm that the server name of the “Machine to browse from” is the same as that displayed in “Name” for the backup data selected with location.

Click [Show backups].

(7) Select the backup data to be restored, and then click [RECOVER].

(8) Select “Entire machine”.

(9) The Recover machine screen appears. Select “Physical machine” for the “RECOVER TO”.
* “Physical machine” needs to be selected even if the restoration destination is ECL1.0 virtual server.

(10) Disk mapping is automatically performed. Click [DISK MAPPING] for confirmation and change.

(11) The screen of details about Disk Mapping will be appeared. After confirmation and changing, click [DONE].

(12) The previous screen will be appeared. Click [START RECOVERY].

(13) Click [START RECOVERY] after checking the contents.

(14) Restoration starts and the Activity screen will be appeared.
  It is also possible to check from “Activities” in the [DASHBOARD] tab.

(15) When restoration completes, log in to the restoration destination server and then check if the server is restored without problems.