3.1.3. About terminology

 If using Acronis in the usage environment of ECL1.0, it is possible to perform installation and configuration smoothly by understanding some terms. This section explains each terminology of Acronis.
* Classification: E=Terms related to ECL1.0, A = Terms related to Acronis, I=General terms
Terminology Description Classification
ECL1.0 customer portal
Portal site provided for subscribers of ECL1.0.
* Refer to ECL1.0 Usage Guidance for details.
ECL1.0 console image1_amariConsole for operating guest OS of ECL1.0. E
Global file storage of ECL1.0.
* Refer to ECL1.0 Usage Guidance for details of GFS
ISO file Image file of CD. I
Installation media Installation file that was downloaded from the Web site of Acronis. A
(for Windows/for Linux)
Component that is installed on the backup target server. A
Unit that is divided for each function in the installation media.
This unit includes “storage node”, “agent” and “management server.”
Storage node The server program designed to manage locations to be managed in order to optimize backup storage. A
Backup plan
Execution task when performing backup by using Acronis.
Scheme, schedule and other conditions can be configured.
* Refer to “About Backup (Custom)” for details.
Backup target server
Server that requires execution of backup.
The component “agent” needs to be installed.
Bootable media
ISO file that is required for booting from CD at the time of restoration.
When creating a bootable media, it is necessary to install the component “bootable media builder.”
My Account site
(My Account)
The Web site of Acronis used when downloading the installation media of Acronis.
When downloading the installation media, an account needs to be registered in advance.
Remote installation Remote installation task can be done collectively from the management server to multiple backup target servers. (Windows only) A
Local type
The configuration in which the backup target server is used after installing agent and management server if the number of backup target servers is limited.
Meanwhile, there is centralized management type where multiple backup target servers are managed centrally.
Management server Component that is required for operating backup by using Acronis. A
Management target location Backup destination is registered and backup archive is centrally managed. A
Centralized management type The configuration in which multiple backup target servers are managed centrally. A