3.4.3. Storage node

* As for the user using the local type, proceed to “Agent for Windows” or “Agent for Linux”.
In case of using the central management type, storage node is required. In addition, Operating System for the storage node is Windows OS. Install the storage node according to the following procedure.
(1) Run the downloaded installer on the server used as the storage node.
When the license agreement screen appears, put a check mark on the [I accept the terms of this license agreement] and then click the [Proceed] button. Checking on the Acronis customer experience program check box is arbitrary.

(2) Select “Install a protection agent” and then click [Customize installation settings].

(3) Click [Change] on the items to be installed.

(4) After selecting the following contents, click the [Done] button.
  • Storage node
  * The following components need to remain checked as the default setting.
    ・Agent for Windows
    ・Bootable Media Builder
    ・Command-Line Tool
    ・Cyber Protect Monitor

(5) Click [Specify] in [Acronis Cyber Protect Management Server].

(6) Enter Server name or IP address of management server, user account and password, and then click [Done].

(7) The previous screen appears when connection with the management server is established. Click the [Install] button.

(8) Please wait until install is completed.

(9) When the following screen appears, install is completed. In this case, click the [CLOSE] button.