3.7.1. Remote installation

Remote installation is the function that allows a user to install components of “Agent for Windows” collectively from the management server to multiple backup target servers.
Prerequisites for executing remote installation are as follows.
  • The management server has already been installed.
  • The guest OS of the backup target server is Windows server. * As for Linux server, remote installation cannot be used.
  • The guest OS of the backup target server is running, and connects to the management server via network.

 This section describes the workflow for remote installation.

(1) Run Acronis on the management server.
   Double-click the Acronis icon on the desktop.

  Or, connect to “http://<IP address of the management server>:<Web pot number for Acronis>” on the Web browser by using the computer that can connect to the management server.

(2) Click [SIGN IN] as Windows Current user, or click [Enter user name and password] and then log into Acronis console.
When you use Linux, enter account and password, and then log into Acronis Console.

(3) Select “DEVICES” - “All devices” on the left tab and then click [ADD].

(4) Select “SERVERS” - “Windows” in “Add devices”.

(5) As for Add Windows machine, enter IP address, account and password of the server to which the agent is installed and then click [ADD].

(6) When authentication succeeds, remote installation starts.

(7) If remote installation completes properly, a machine is added to “DEVICES” - “Machines with agents” on the left tab.
* As for details of remote installation, refer to the Acronis guide.