2.1.1. Purpose of this document

NTT Communications (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) provide the backup license as backup license/ license of Acronis (hereinafter referred to as “Acronis”) to customers who use Enterprise Cloud (hereinafter referred to as “ECL1.0”) provided by NTT Communications.
This document describes procedures including glossary and basic usage method to enable customers to deepen understanding overview and environment configuration of ECL1.0 and efficiently refer to various documents (refer to [documents related to Acronis] in “References”) provided by Acronis Japan. (hereinafter referred to as “Acronis”).
As for details on operation methods and functions, refer to the manual and FAQ provided by Acronis Co., Ltd., which is the distributor of the product. As for details on how to use other ECL1.0 services, refer to “Main part of ECL1.0 User Guideline.” As for details for functions of ECL1.0, refer to “ECL 1.0 Service Function Manual.”
In addition, our company may change the main part and ECL1.0 Service Function Manual without notice. We recommend customers using the latest version.