2.4.4. Agent for Windows

If the backup target server is Windows server, install the agent with the following procedure.
① Run the downloaded installer on the backup target server.
When the license agreement screen appears, put a check mark on the [I accept the terms of this license agreement] and then click the [Proceed] button. Checking on the Acronis customer experience program check box is arbitrary.

② In the case of the local type configuration, select “Install a backup agent and Acronis Backup Management Server” and then click [Customize installation settings]. As for Acronis12.5, introduction of the management server is required.
As for the centralized management type, proceed to the step ④.

③ Change items including the port to be used as needed. After completion of changes, click the [Install] button.
Proceed to the step ⑧.

④ In the case of the central management type configuration, select “Install a backup agent” and then click [Customize installation settings] because another management server has already been installed in another server.

⑤ Click [Specify] in [Acronis Backup Management Server].

⑥ Enter the name or IP address of management server, user account and password, and then click [Done].

⑦ The previous screen appears when connection with the management server is established. After completion of changes, click the [Install] button.

⑧ Please wait until install is completed.

⑨ When the following screen appears, install is completed. In this case, click the [CLOSE] button.