2.3.1. If the Internet connection is available in ECL environment

 Customer who applied Acronis from the ECL customer portal need to prepare the following information in advance.

  • Notification mail
    * At the time of application, a notification e-mail with the subject of “Enterprise Cloud service notification: Backup license (Acronis)” is sent. The URL of the Acronis customer Web site that is described later so that the URL needs to be prepared in advance.
  • License key
    * If an application is made via the Application website, the license key is paid out on the “Subscription confirmation screen.” Be sure to check the license key in advance and copy the key on the memo pad.
    * As for details of the Application site, refer to “Application Guide Acronis”.
Customers who applied Acronis before and received “Acronis Opening Guidance” can check the license key via the Application web site.
* As for details of the Application web site, refer to “Application Guide Acronis”.

① Access to the My Account site by using the server to which Acronis products will be downloaded and then log in to the Web site by using the registered account.
* “Register a new account” needs to be selected if an account has not been created yet.
* Although it is possible to register multiple accounts, the same license key cannot be registered with multiple accounts.

② Select [Add keys] after log-in and then enter a license key.

③ After entering a license key, click [Add].

④ Then, download a product. Select “PRODUCTS” that exists in the left pane of the screen and then click [Downloads] on Acronis Backup 12.5.

⑤ The Download page opens. Select the installer according to the environment in use and then download the installer.