2.2.4. Reference values

 Reference values when performing the backup by use of Acronis are as follows. (For version 12.5)
 This reference value is a numerical value in our verification environment so that the value may not be the same value in the environment of ECL1.0 used by a customer.

[Environment configuration]
  • 2 units of backup target servers (vCPU:1 core, vMEM:2GB)
    * Public catalog template is used.
  • 1 unit of centralized management server (vCPU: 2 cores, vMEM: 4GB)
  • 1 unit of storage node (vCPU: 2 cores, vMEM:4GB)
  • Perform the Full backup with the centralized management type configuration.
    * The backup destination is additional HDD of storage node.

Centralized management server
Storage node
Backup target server
Backup target server
Backup time - - 5 minutes to 10 minutes 5 minutes to 10 minutes
CPU utilization 15% to 25% 15% to 25% 10% to 100% 25% to 55%
Memory usage 20% to 30% 25% to 80% 20% to 30% 20% to 70%
Disk I/O(byte/sec) 0.1M to 0.2M 10M to 40M 5M to 55M 10M to 30M
NW bandwidth (bps) 0.02M to 0.05M 70M to 230M 80M to 170M 50M to 60M
* De-duplication is disabled.
* When backing up multiple Window servers, be careful with the network bandwidth, such as preparation of segment for backup.
* If the backup destination is remote environment (collocation, GFS and so on), be careful with the network bandwidth because the network bandwidth between remote connection is affected.
* As for the recommended specifications of the server, refer to Acronis User Guidance and system requirements.