1.9.3. Workflow of Acronis

We describe the workflow of Acronis from introduction to operation as follows.
Please refer to the suitable documents regarding each work process.
1. Enterprise_Cloud_Users_Guide(BackupLicense/Acronis)  Chapter1-8
This is for introduction of Acronis.
You can understand how to configure, backup, restoration and etc. .
2. Monitoring tools
We recommend that you had better introduce the monitoring tools in according to your system and monitor the any resources for each server because of preventing backup fault.
If you have the monitoring tools, refer to the documents for the monitoring tools itself.
3. ECL customer portal(Ping monitoring)
We recommend that you had better introduce the Ping monitoring because of detecting the server down and network disconnection. You can configure the Ping monitoring from ECL customer portal. About setting refer to ‘Enterprise Cloud Customer Portal Manual’. However, if you have already monitored the Ping monitoring using monitoring tools, you do not need it.
4. Enterprise_Cloud_Users_Guide(BackupLicense/Acronis)  Chapter9-15
Acronis has the function which notify whether a backup is success or failure. This part describes how to use the notification.